Oct. 6th 2000:

Well here it is folks, the newly designed acidstories web page, complete with 40 new stories! Why the change you ask? Well I guess after 4 years and almost 100,000 visitors, my sorry eyes needed something different. I imagine my "regulars" needed a change also. Also, I had heard rumors that the page was kind of difficult to browse :) Well with that said, I would to thank each one of you for making this the best acid stories web site on the internet. When I started this page 4 years ago I never dreamed it would become so popular, and I would meet so many cool people. Also thanks to EyeCandyDesign for the wonderful work they did on my website!!


For those of you that have never visited my site before, heres the jist of it, "you" the visitor, write down one of your most memorable dosing experiences send it to me and I will publish it on this site, trust me, it makes for incredible reading, even if ya dont trip. I take stories of all kinds, which you will realize if you read a few of them. So no matter if it was the best night of your life, or the worst (yes we all have bummers once in a while) just write it down (preferably after your trip..lol) mail it to me and I will post it asap.!



In no way am I encouraging the use of LSD this site was created for the sole reason of entertainment, please do not e-mail me and tell me what an evil person I am! If you dont wanna drop...DONT! If you do wanna drop, make an educated decision!