Sept 7th 2000 Plz read below!!!!!!

Ok everbody, please read what i have to say, First off sorry about not updating the page, but I was out of town for a couple weeks, and hotmail decided to delete over 200 stories because my account size was too large, to those of you that sent stories in anymore than a month ago and there not posted, they wont be, I take full responsibility, and am TRULY sorry!!! We have my best friend in the world helping with this page now, so hopefully we get this shit straight, and be able to update regulary, if you would like to send your story again, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

2nd 99% of the e-mail I get and 99% of my guestbook entries are very positive, but for that 1% who think this site is for me to promote lsd use, your very wrong, this site contains both good and bad trips, its meant to educate not to glorify, and if you really have a problem with what im doing, e-mail me, dont just post garbage in my guestbook with no return address.

So with that said I recommend anyone who wants this page to continue, you e-mail my buddy Keith and give him a big fuck ya!!!!! or just a thank you, for helping with the page, his e-mail is the more positive e-mails he gets, the more he will be pumped to do updates!!!!

What I would like to do with this page is have a place where people can read of other peoples LSD experiences good, bad, the best, the worst, whatever jot them down, mail it to me and I will post them. Or you can click HERE To read other peoples LSD stories.

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