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Here is a little bit about myself.

-Live in Mukwonago Wisconsin. Just moved to Phoenix Arizona... -Am 26 years old. -Hobbies include Partying, 3d Art, good music, good friends, and good times.

This page is dedicated to all my partners in crime, who like to DROP by and party with me. The list is to long to name all, but you know who you are :)~

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Big update today 9/15/99. 10 new stories, more tommorow.

If you have sent me a story but do not see it, it was wiped out along with my hard drive... Please send it again and I will post it ASAP...Thankz

What I would like to do with this page is have a place where people can read of other peoples LSD experiences good, bad, the best, the worst, whatever jot them down, mail it to me and I will post them. Or you can click HERE To read other peoples LSD stories.

Check Out My New Page!!!

Yeah go ahead you know you want to!

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