Make Money Surfing The Net.

I have compiled a list of all the make money to surf the web pages. The list contains info about all of them. So please sign up and start making money, to help yourself and my site...Also be sure to e-mail me if you do sign up , because i am going to make a special deadication page to all the people who have helped with this site... Thanx alot everyone.. May all your Trips be good ones!!!!!


Pay to You

Pay for directs

Pay for indirects

Downline Levels

Monthly Max


AllAdvantage $.50/hr $.10/hr $.05/hr 5 25 10
ePIPO $.60/hr $.10/hr $.10/hr 5 50 hors 8
DotAd $.50 $.10 $.05 5 20 hours 7
ValuePay $1.00/hr $.10/hr $.05/hr 5 $50 9
Desktop Dollars $.50/hr $.10/hr $.02/hr 6 40 hours 7
UtopiaAD 40% 10% 5% 4 no limit 8
ItAdsUp $.50/hr $.10/hr $.05/hr 5 60 hours 8
Desktop Horizon $.60/hr $.05/hr $.05/hr 5 no limit 9
M Value $.40/hr $.10/hr $.15/.20hr 4 40 hours 8

Well thats the list. Hope this helps you make tons of cash... Right there is about 5 dollars an hour just to surf by yourself... Imagine if you had a big downline??? The possibilities are endless.



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