Story 100

I figure I've tripped about 1000 times. Growing up 30 miles from the Haight/Ashbury District on the San Francisco peninsula had a sort of Acidic Influence on me for sure. I've had Window Pane, Orange Sunshine, Blue Christian, Yellow/Blue/&Purple Pyramid Gels, White Lightning, Purple micro dot, Pez candies dosed with either 200/600/or1200 micrograms ea., Mushrooms, all sorts of mescaline tabs, Chocolate mescaline capsules, Synthesized Mescaline Sulfate Needlepoint Crystals, peyote buttons, blotter acid and of course the liquid. I used to make my own sugar cubes and blotter hits. I have done just about everything imaginable on acid. To name a few: Christmas morning with the parents, Water-skiing (highly recommended), going to work in a machine shop (not recommended), Bicycling, Driving in a Snow Storm/Rainstorm or on the freeway at night or day/or with the top down across the desert in my mustang convertible. Camping @ 10,000 ft., Making Love (recommended yet you have to be over your peak or you can't concentrate). At the beach day or night, at the Mall, in the City, in the Country, in the Woods, the 4 th of July used to be a ritual with us. Under Black lights, Lunar eclipses, at rock concerts (I've seen Pink Floyd 4 times), with my friends, girlfriends, the first date with my loving wife of 20 yrs. with strangers. Big parties, small Parties, Private Parties, Kool-Aid Parties in Berkeley, A memorial day party on the Colorado River that lasted 3 Days where I probably turned on 50 people to the liquid. And many times at bars/nightclubs so I could analyze people and just generally enjoy myself and trip. I've seen the Exorcist (uncut version, first row of the theater)[not recommended], 2001 A Space Oddicy, Fantasia, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Wars, Yellow Submarine, etc. all under the influence of L.S.D. I have done all the usual drug combinations, and a few unusual ones also. Try chopping up some tab acid into your gram of cocaine. You can make a gram last a hell of a lot longer that way. You know that every time you do a line your gunna get a lot higher for real. Try taking Acid & Mushrooms at the same time. I walked around my car about 4 times to make sure it was really mine. When I finally got inside I was still a bit unsure. It was night, the interior looked so different (no shit Sherlock) yet I knew that it was mine recognizing the stuff inside. Acid was always my favorite drug. It is the only drug that actually teaches you something. I've seen a lot of God behind L.S.D. Once I was relating pretty hard, going through some rough times I thought I was God for a short while. I knew that he had the same problems that I had (yeah sure) so as we were walking home one night after my Truck broke down and passed a Church I had my friend gain access to the building and steal me some Holy Water to drink so I could regain some humility and be forgiven for adopting the persona of the Big Dude himself. I had to come down a little bit there. I've had all the usual trips from the ecstatic, to the truly scary. I've battled with my own thoughts & perceptions and had to convince/remind myself many times that "it's just a drug, it'll go away after awhile". My stomach muscles have hurt the next day from laughing so hard. My wife once said that she knew that I was looking right through her. It's true, I asked my friend later if she had been home and he said yes. I had thought so yet didn't remember seeing her, it was more of a feeling that she had been there. Friends and I have read each others minds at times while tripping adding to the sense of wonder of it all. I've seen my friends auras, watched as my one friend cycled from looking like an old man to a little kid and back again. I've had what's called synisthiesa. This is when your senses cross. Somehow you can taste green, or maybe smell the difference between rough and smooth. In my case I could see sound. A true Hallucination is when you perceive something that isn't there at all. I've had bolts of electric light shot up into my eyes with each step of my feet on dry leaves on the canyon floor in the pitch blackness of night. I've walked across spider webs of pulsating color knowing that if stepped off I would fall into the infinite void below Seeing the floor and walls move (although kinda cool) is perceptual distortion. Once in a tent with my buddy we could see anything we thought of, I think I could put myself down as actually having done some heavy tripping. I've been out of my body a couple of times. Once while lying on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a beautiful afternoon upon coming on to some ominous Black Tab Acid out of Berkeley I suddenly saw myself lying there from a position of about 15 ft. in front of me, up and to the right. Another time behind the Pez (the big half of a 1200 mic. hit) it was the second day and as I was walking down the street I could see myself from a position of about 50 ft. above. I also could see an area of about a 50 ft. diameter around myself. While staring at the sidewalk in front of me I could see all around from a point above. I've seen Heaven & I've seen Hell. Heaven is a hell of a lot better (Ha Ha). I've figured out the answer to the universe. That's right. If the great question is "Why is all this stuff here?" You know Stars, Planets, People, and forces of Physics to hold it all together ? Well it's quite simple really it's because there couldn't be absolutely nothing at all. Total, complete nothingness is incomprehensible. Would it be eternally big and void, or would it be so small that, well you get the picture. would it be hot or cold? Would it be black, white, clear, or what color would it be? Absolute and total nothingness is inconceivable. So there has to be something and just look around, not too bad really. My good friend told me once that "Acid shows you the fallacy of life". I think what he meant was that you see the patterns in all different facets of existence. The fact that you have children just as your parents did and there children will too. The fact that wars seem to be inevitable. The fact that as some diseases are cured others develop. A never ending cycle. I know what he meant by that. Now I don't trip much anymore. Maybe once a yr. to party. Maybe 1/2 a hit on a nice day just to get some colors and appreciate nature. Carl Sagen says that the pattern of the universe is an infinite scale going toward the very large, and also beyond the microscopic into the very small. Remember the end of the movie Men in Black? Who Knows!