Story 101

The names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent. One night me and my friend (lets call her Amber) decided that we should trip together, we talked about how we were when tripping and decided that it wouldnt be bad since none of us really dorked out and thought we could fly or stuff like that. So we were on the hunt for some and in the begining of the night we were having a hard time trying to find some, considering it was the weekend at college and a popular drug of choice here, the supply was kind of low i guess, but alas we found some. We went up to her room took two and a half blotters each and waited for it to kick in, which was taking a long time. So we decided to go to the statue of Christopher Colombus and smoke a bowl or two or three to help kick it in. Well, it did kick in. We decided just to hang out there for a bit and we were taking all these crazy pictures of the statues and us over the bridge waiting for the 9 o' clock train (which is really the 12 o clock train) and just being a little goofy. Well when we got bored of that we decided to go back to campus, and when we got back we saw Sandra and Janie outside smoking a cigarette dressed up to go to a Halloween party. And soon comes Aaron. Well, they knew where there was a party but didnt know where it was at really...and if we werent messed up me and Amber could have just told them where it was at, but since we didnt Amber decided to take them there. we werent planning to go to the party ourselves at all, but like all things in life, that idea changed. Once at the party Amber knew so many people there (she is friends with a guy in the frat) and we just decided to hang out. And since it was halloween they were serving swamp water made with grain alcohol. So were dancing and drinking (heavily i might add) and just all around having a pretty great time. Well I met this one guy there and he just kept coming over and talking to me and Amber and i wasnt really paying attention and i just somehow started dancing with him and I lost track of Amber..(oh important note: santana's "smooth" was playing).i kind of started dorking out because we never ever leave one another at parties and i thought that she left the guy (let's call him Steve) says he knows where she is at and takes me everywhere in the house where she isnt...the more he does this, the more he tries to make out with me, the more i dork out. So he finally convinces me that she left and that i should just go back downstairs to the party to dance and drink some more, it sounded like a good idea at the time to me so i went. Well I did drink some more and danced some m ore and then he started spinning me in circles and i literally got sick, i had to go outside where i threw up for a good 10 or 15 minutes. He brought me back in and gave me some water and offered to drive me home. So since i thought Amber left me, I decided the best thing to do was go home, tho i was feeling a bit sketchy about leaving with him. When we walk out on to the front porch i see Amber and started telling her how i thought she left me, and she said that she didnt know where i went and just figured if she sat out there she;d seem me sooner or later, which obviously happend and she was talking to her one friend Matt and this guy named Jorge and a hippie named Fred, who was wearing a prom dress (it was Halloween remember). Well i sent Steve in to get me some more water and just hung out with those four for a while tellin em about what we were seeing and talking about things I don't even remember.And then Amber and Fred went up to one of the guys bedrooms to go smoke some weed and Matt when in so it was me and Jorge. Jorge then started trying to make out with me and stuff (dammit im trippin im more fascinated by lights than guys at this time!) but his friend who we will call "the dentist" (named by Amber) came out at this time, oh yeah the dentist was around off and on the whole night, but it doesnt really matter right now. And so we just talked for a bit, both of them speaking in spanish and me who doesnt understand spanish speaking in french for the fun of it, but they understood me, which is cool, id like to think if my brain wasnt fried at this point i could have made out what they were saying. So we're out there for a while and Amber cmes back out, somewhat fucked up but not nearly as much as the guys were. And we were out there just getting to know more brothers of the frat and such and then me and amber and one of the guys decided to go smoke some more. So were up in Chris's room, smoking and man, I feel fucked up but not as fucked up as i know i should have been feeling and the same with amber. So i smoke a little and decide that i dont feel like smoking anymore while Amber and Chris take huge ass bong hits. While they are doing that I find a Tiara and put it on my head. And I start taking pics of them taking hits and of people dressed in their costumes (Amber still hasn't gotten the film developed cause she's afraid of gettijg arrested!) After all the smoking shenanigans, we go back downstairs cause we swear we hear the party still going on, but there wasnt really, just the clean up efforts. So after the brothers and friends of brothers finished cleaning up they came out on the front porch and talked for a while with us...we got to know almost all the guys in this house, it was pretty cool, actually the first time we've ever stayed at a party til its finish here at school. Then Amber, Jorge and I decided to walk home.... It was one of the best nights ever had at school. And now everytime we hear "Smooth" we just think back to that night. My friend Amber wrote of another experience of ours entitled: Vitamin C got me busted!