Story 102

Okay, so me and my friend, J.B. had just met at college about a month before this. We both discovered our shared love for trippin the weekend before (check out her story "A Crazy Night at College"). We had so much fun that weekend that we decided to do it again the following weekend. So, we bought 5 papers (which were super strong I might add), and we each took two and a half. We also popped a few C's to up the visuals. About ten muintes later we decide to go to Rite Aid to buy some juice with a sober friend who wanted to chill w/ us that night. We weren't in the store for more that two minutes when it hit us big time! We were just staring at the juice bottles laughing. We finally got up the nerve to leave and start heading back to campus. While we are walking back I begin proudling proclaiming to strangers that our clean friend, who is wearing a long black and red leopard print coat, is me and J.B.'s pimp. After he calmly explains that we're just retarded, we head back to my room to check out the Cartoon Network (and a little SNL where J.B kept on wondering who the host was. We made bets on which Baldwin brother it was and it ended up being Dylan McDermott...she'll never forget his name again) and listen to a little Pink Floyd. We stayed in my room for hours in the dark just watching TV and checking out trippy internet sites. And I swear my poster of Jim Morrison began talking to us. He wanted us to come with him into the wall. So, we talked to Jim for a while. Also right after that fact, I came up with the meaning of life! I asked my sober friend what I said it was and he said he wasnt listening. My friend fell in love w/ a rainbow colored lap desk that I have and I insisted that she take it with her for the rest of the night since she had become so close to it. Unfortunately our sober friend wouldn't let her, but she still comes to visit it a lot. Anyhow, after we finally got up the nerve to leave my room we hop in to the elevators, which I must say were completely crazy! Then we head outside and decide to go for a walk to look at the buildings morph. We did that for about two hurs when our sober friend decided that it waas too cold for him (it was about 20 degrees out but J.B. and I couldn't tell) So, J.B. and I circled the block for a long time (we were too scared to cross the street by this time) We met up with some ohter people that nihgt and decided to make a date to watch the sunrise later on. So, we headed off again. This time we decided to go down the street and sit under a street light to watch the cars drive by. We finally realized how cold it must have been becasue we could see our breath now. So, we went back to find our clean friend. On the way back a car with a really loud stereo dorve by playing Tupac's "All Eyes on Me." Not thinking I quickly proclaimed to J.B. how much I loved Tupac and then screamed at the top of my lungs..."ALL EYES ON ME!!" When we finally got back we found our friend he was sitting inside on some chairs, and we convinced him to go for another walk with us. We headed to 7-Eleven to buy some o.j. 7-eleven totally freaked me out because there were a ton of cops around, and if there's one thing that scares me when I'm trippin its the thought of getting busted. So, we hurried up and headed on in again to get warm. We sat inside for a few hours, letting people draw us and trying to understand what was going on around us. I had started coming down off my trip when I started feeling really sick, like my stomach was rotting away or something. I tried not to think about it too much, and just acted like I was hungry or somehting...hoping it would pass. Well, eventualy J.B. and I decided to split up and go to our own rooms to crash for the night. I had promised my clean friend that he could chill wtih me that night cause his house was pretty far away. Just as J.B. left I started feeling really sick and all of a sudden I threw up right in the lobby of my building. I was totally freaked cause I was still trippin and a security guard had seen it all. She came over an started questioning me so I decided that I'd just say I had been drinking (even though there was no alcohol in my system that night) She decided to call the police, and by this time it was about 4 in the morning. So, I'm sitting there trippin hard (the fear had totally kicked it back in) waiting for the police to come. The police finally got there and were giving me all these field sobriety tests, which I kinda passed. And I had to make up a story about where I had gone that night and what I had had to drink (which probably sounded totally stupid since my brain was on abnormal-reality mode at the time) Then they decide that they will take me up to my room to have my roommate keep and eye on me. I was totally freaked out cause my roommate knew I was tripping and I thought she was gonna accidentally say somehting to the police about it. So, we get to my room and the cops saw a ton of been cans all over my side from the night before. Then, they open my fridge and find about twenty more cans. They made me pour out all the beer and said that my friend couldn't stay the night, and that I wasn't to leave the building again the rest of the night. Well, to make a long story short...I am on probation for drinking (even though I wasn't), I still have no idea where my friend ended up sleeping that night, and I threw up cause I had overdosed on vitamin C, which I didn't even know til then was possible. Despite all that happened, it was definitly the best and most intense trip I have ever had!