Story 103

i'm a 19 year old student about 4 months ago me and a friend thought we would make some lsd. One day before school i thought it would be nice to try it before school about 2 minutes after i dropped i started to throw up. u might think that it sucked but it didn't after about 45 min i was gone. it was about 2nd period and the trip was on. letters falling off my school papers my desk was moving the floor was like a river. After 2nd period i have bio. this class is the shit my teacher knew that i was fallin over my balls. he thought that it would be funny to send me to the office to see the principal,the principal was like i don't want to see u so i left. when i got to class my teacher was all like did u have fun. i looked at him with some big ass eyes and said"no." then he asked me if alice in wonderland had picked me up in the space ship while i was walking around. after class me and him had a long conversation about what u see when u trip we talked for about 2 periods. then i left school to smoke some grass