Story 104

Ok. Here the story of the best trip of my life so far: my friend (who shall be called S.) and i were planning to trip on a friday evening with her boyfriend at his house, safely out of reach of parents and other hazards. S. and i are both 17, while her boyfriend, P., was 22--a major plus. i had gotten some Timothy Leary acid at a Phish show a month earlier, and was Really looking forward to dropping. So we get to P.'s house at about 7 pm, and i started off by taking 1 hit. After 1/2 hour of watching the simpsons, no one had started to feel anything, so we all took another hit each, and lit up a bowl to help it kick in. Soon, i started shivering so hard that i was shaking, and my hands started sweating (i've dropped about 5 times before, and this had never happened before, so i freaked a bit). To help me calm down, we decided to go into the back room, which was outfitted with black lights, couches, posters, etc. I had managed to get myself together, and was now noticing the incredible way the posters were waving and swirling like the room was filled with wind. previously during our study hall class, S. and i had painted and drawn all sorts of pictures with fluorescent markers and paint, and i know found these absolutely remarkable. However, it wasn't so much the Picture itself as what i saw Behind the lines--i started seeing these entire Worlds that were hiding in the poster. i could see this incredible view of a human heart muscle, with every fiber and cell and cilia showing, and it was so beautiful that i tried to share it with S. and P., but they just laughed. We went back out into the living room and after much debating over who would put the tape in the VCR, started watching The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" (note: this is THE BEST movie to trip on--i swear the beatles were on acid EVERY DAY to produce something like that). Seriously, it's Brain candy. So, anyway, i started realizing that i could see every character from a hundred different, multicolored dimensions, and this all was emanating out from everything. This was also happening to everything in the room with me, and it was all so incredible and just so beautiful that it was overwhelming. It wasn't trails, nothing Followed anything else, it was all just There all at the same time. patterns started to emerge when i looked at blank spaces, and i was laughing with the fun and lightness of everything. At this point i realized that even though it was nearly 2 am, there was this light streaming in and filling the room--it wasn't actual Light from like a lamp or anything, more of a feeling that everything was lucid and light like the morning sun. I felt so enlightened that everything was all right with the world, and i wished that this feeling would just last forever. Soon after we had to go back to S.'s to sleep (grrr parents). She drove on the way, being a bit more sane than i, and we walked to her room and turned on one of those lamps that swirls around and makes patterns on the ceiling. i watched that letting my mind play with the images until i drifted off into a sleep of general happiness.