Story 105

It was the night of the senior formal and my buds and i decided to skip out and try acid for the first time.we went to watch a movie at the IMAX theater, we saw Fantasia i couldn't stop laughing everything was so unbearably funny. eventually we had to leave because we were laughing too hard. i couldn't walk on the carpet cuz it was moving up and down and i didn't understand how to walk on it. i forgot how to smoke and it took me ten minutes to remember how to inhale! Later on i was in my bed and i really started trippn' there was lego people walking accross my blanket and red crayon all over the ceiling and i thought there was little children in my room laughing, that scared me. everytime i looked in the mirror i thought i looked really old and i could see myself going bald. it was a crazy night but i had an awesome time, what a great drug.