Story 106

I haven't tripped in awhile but my last time was mind-numbing.... I got a 10-strip that one Friday just because I was scared I wouldn't find any in awhile. This guy Justin with dreads met me at a coffee shop and dropped me off at my house. I immediately took 2. I was watching TV 2 hours later and nothing was happening. I was almost ready to say Fuck It then the phone rang--It scared the hell out of me. It was my friend Jeff (noodle) and this girl I liked Linda. Jeff told me to come over cuz he was at some drug-dealer's house and they were getting some primo buds.... I told him i had the "heebie-jeebies" and was slowly starting to trip. He told me to come over but I didn't want to drive. I had to come up with some excuse to have my Mom drive me across town to party....It was Friday so I think she understood.... On the way over there I thought I was gonna explode!!It took everything inside me not to act weird. But as soon as my mom sped off My trip was able to fully come out and I found Jeff. The drug dealer (Wes) was still gone so I gave Jeff 2 just cuz he's a good guy. I started talking to Linda trying to convince her to trip with me; I showed her the hits and all and she still said NO (silly bitch) Well all of a sudden I had to pee and I went to this guy's bathroom. He had this Korn poster in there and I got lost somehow..... Then I heard unfamiliar voices--musta been Wes and his crew. But I was somewhat scared to come out of the bathroom cuz I didn't know this guy. I waited for Jeff to come and find me; he was just startin to trip. Then I remembered I had to go get a bag of Schwag weed from Tex; this guy I work with. I had Linda walk with me up there and waited for them to finish closing. Then Tex walks out and just KNOWS I'm trippin- he's like a friendly drug lord at that point. He pulls out this PURPLE bud and packs some in a bowl. Even this guy who I work with who NEVER smokes was tokin' hard core. Anyway after I got my bag I had to get back to Jeff and Wes so I had someone drive me. I was feeling pretty blurry by now. Just the actual fact that I was riding in this heavy machinery and one mistake and I was dead! I get back and there's even more people, the blacklight's on and there's this really slow emotional music goin. Everyone was wearing black and singing along with the song. It made me want to cry it was sooo sweet and meaningful. Then the song ended suddenly and they all started to moan and cry at the end---I shit you not. Someone turned on the normal light and my pupils were in shock. The bong was being passed around and Jeff and Wes asked me if I had any weed to donate. Compared to their fluorescent green weed; I told them I had schwag. Wes screamed something at me about having shit weed and wearing JNCO's(TM) and a D.MARTEN's(TM) t-shirt and wearing ADIDAS(TM). I felt really uncomfortable and unwanted so I told Jeff I'd see him later...... I went over to my friend Mike's house but his patio window was open and he had company. They were all laughing at me i think, i thought. I felt like I couldn't go there either. So I went to this bridge under construction right behind his house. I swear I thought Wes and his satanic friends were hiding in the bushes taking bets on who would beat me up. All of a sudden I couldn't take it anymore---- My baggy ass pants and how sorry I felt for myself. I took off my pants and shirt and sat in my boxers on this deserted highway that over-looked this street light. I started to see rainbows and I thought that this was God's message to me that everything was gonna be allright. I am not religious at ALL and I started praying to God that I would never do cid again. I balled my eyes out crying, wishing I was at home in bed sober. Then when I stopped crying and stood up my trip vanished for a second and I swear to God if there is a God as I stood up it started POURING down rain. I felt like I had achieved something; I had made magic. I decided everything was allright and finally went over Mike's. Turns out he was looking at old pictures and was laughing over them the whole time I was trippin on the bridge! I tried to explain all that happened and my mind moved faster than my mouth. I felt like an idiot........Let this be yet another lesson: NEVER TRIP ALONE(*_*)