Story 107

I don't know about a lot of those other stories on this page but here's mine: I'm 17, I live in the north western United States. The first time I ever tried acid I was 15, I ate one (just your basic low grade blotter) and didn't have any visuals but got somewhat of a body high. I didn't ever try it again after that for a long time, till about the summer between my freshman and sophomore year. I've always smoked pot, I drink once in a while but not often. It's hard to think back to one specific trip now when I think about how much I've eaten, and some of the far out trips I've experienced. But for all of you people out there that are just "experimenting" with acid, and somehow ran across this page and are reading all of those b.s. stories about visions of purple elephants and dancing bears, just remember that stories are one thing but experiencing is another. Don't just forget about acid like some other kind of worthless drug, think. Think about life, think about death, and think about the possibilities in-between. Acid has done a lot for me in everyday things. Like the way I think, the way I look at certain situations, and the way life is ever so changing. I think that acid is for few certain individuals, people take it, but people just don't understand it. But then there are those few people in-between, the one off in the corner staring at the celing. He understands peace of mind, and life. -XxMXWxX