Story 108

This is the story of my second trip. For about the past year before this trip I had been very depressed and as I like to say, confuzzled (that's confused and puzzled all at the same time). My friend John always throws these huge parties with a hundred people or so(I didn't know at the time, but there would be 126 people at this one) twice a year so he decided to have one for the last day of school. A few weeks before the party my best friend Stephanie and I decided that we were going to need some drugs for this party. I had only tripped once before(and not hard at all, no visuals...just happiness, not like a real tripping experience), but Stephanie had tripped tons of times. When she suggested that we get some acid for this party I thought that it would be a great idea(expecting it to be like the time before). My friend Joe got us 2 green geltabs each and we both got out of school early(about 11:30) to go meet up with him at John's before the crowd got there and drop our acid. I was sitting in his basement when it started to kick about a half and hour later and I wasn't sure what was going on. Stephanie looked over at me and asked me if my acid was kicking yet because she was already trippin balls. John has one of those oriental rugs in his basement and it was like nothing I had ever seen before...the rug was swirling and moving like liquid. I reached down and touched it...I swirled the little circles of rug and they moved like colourful paint. Never having seen anything like that before i began to get edgy and overwhelmed these feelings of anxiety semed to built up and up and up till thought that I couldn't take it anymore and that I was going to explode, then they would release and take all of the weight off of my head...this went on throughout the day. At one point I thought that I had a headache, but Stephanie said that it was probably just a head full of acid. I knew that the rug wasn't really moving, but there it was moving right before my eyes. I looked over at a painting of a sunset on the ocean and a boat off in the distance on his wall. the water lapped up against the shore and the colours in the sunset changed and wafted. The boats in the distance seemed to be sailing closer and closer. By then people started arriving like mad. All sorts of things were going on around me, strange looking people that I know that I knew kept coming up to me and giving me hugs asking me how I had been. Everything around me was moving and looking very strange. I wanted desperately to get out of his hot sweaty dim basement and into the beautiful day outside, but it seemed so far away, like a journey. I grabbed Steph and told her we had to venture out. She and I seemed to float and finally made it outside and the entire backyard was filled with people. We went over and sat with a bunch of flowers. It seemed like Stephanie and I were one person...I found this flowery bucket hat inside and put it one...she stole it from me and told me that sonce we were one prson if she was wearing the hat that I would be too. I wanted to know why I couldmn't be the part of us that got to wear the hat and stole it back. The flowers seemed to grow and the colours bled into each other it was the most beautiful inspiring this I had ever seen. I was beginning to settle into my trip and I decided to journey up into another world(his room) and see what was going on. Every room was a different world and every place had a different relity. I began to crave peac away from all of the people and my head was beginning to feel like it was going to explode again. This very big, built, gothic black guy named Dave was up in John's room playing his guitar for everyone...I coul've sworn he was a giant, he seemed to tower over me. I struggled for words to tell Stephanie about him and all that came to my lips was, "the...the guy." The music seemed like it was flowing throughout the room like it was taking over my body. I went and lied down on his bed and The Doors was playing. There were good friends of mine lying on the bed and I went over to my friend Sean and lied with him for a while, it felt o good to be held...I felt ultimately safe. Looking up at the stars and swirls on his ceiling. When I got up I looked over to the wall and it bulged out at me. The whole time I had been wearing a long burgundy satin skirt with black lace over it, a baby blue tank top, and a flowery bucket hat( I hate hats normally, especially ones with flowers). A guy I had used to see was there and he looked at me in disgust telling me how drug consumed and out of it I was, and that I looked like a cabbage patch kid, or an orphan...I just told him he could fuck himself, that he wasn't real, and to get out of my reality. He walked away confused. So many more amazing things happened on this trip, but it would take me forever to tell about hem all. The point of this story is that when I woke up the next day I felt happy, actually happy...and before that day Stephanie and I hadn't been that good of friends...and it's been a year since then, I've had many trips since, but I'm still happy to this day and Steph and I are still best friends. When I need to figure things out in my head I know all I really need is a good trip.