Story 109

THE WORST TRIP OF MY LIFE Alright, well this trip happened back in November of '99, It was about 11:30pm and I was at my apartment, I was really tired cuz I had been smoking weed all day and I was burnt. My friend Tab and her guy at the time show up around then, I ask Tab if she has any dope and she's like "Nah I got something else though." She pulls out a ten strip of yellow gel tabs, Well I'm always down and that month alone I had tripped about 10 times so I'm like what the hell, Even though I hate dropping late at night cuz your up for so long. Anyways about 11:45pm we ate the tabs and were just sittin around drinkin and smoking, Well about 12:30, I'm still wasn't feeling shit and thought she got ripped off so i turn on some music and we start talking about John (the guy she's w/) how he got jumped at the bar the night before, we knew one of the guys and were saying how we knew him and etc etc, well He starts FLIPPING out saying threating us and a bunch of bullshit, well just when this! happens I feel my trip starting to kick in and I'm getting pissed cuz he's going make me have a bad trip, Well after everyone gets settled down we sit in the dark cuz the street lights make the walls look awesome, Well after about an 1/2 hr of staring at the walls I'm getting restless I don't wanna be there anymore, So we get in the car and head down to cruise around even though it's like 1:30am we run into our friends walking across the bridge, we tell them to get in the car and we all go over to her house. Well were chilling outside and I'm like not in a good mood cuz of the shit that John was doing, He hadn't tripped in a long time and I think it was to good of shit for him to eat three, Well he's being a asshole talking like a tuff guy and shit, So I'm like Tab take me home cuz by this time I feel like I'm going run home if she don't hurry up and take me. Everyone keeps asking me what's wrong and shit, but I can't even like talk. So Tab brings me home and I see some peopl! e on my porch (I lived on the second story) and the only way to get on the porch is to go through the house, Well I start flipping out asking what the fuck they're doing up there and who the fuck are they, well once I get up they're I see they are just the neighbors who lived on the other side, After I calm down they ask If I wanna smoke a blunt, so I start smoking it trying to calm down, And I'm absoultey positive the cops are coming for us, SO i run in my house and shut the door, It was a full moon out so It was really light, I go try to take a shower cuz I'm burning up but I felt like someone else is in the apt, so I go out and look around and don't see anyone but everytime I get in the shower and turn it on I hear voices, SO finally I'm like fuck it I'm done, I put on some weird ass clothes that I never wear and go back on the porch, Some fat kid is sitting in a chair smoking a blunt and I'm like Do you hear that? and he's like what, and I'm like nevermind and I go over to! my neighbors and start telling her a bunch of shit about John and Tab and how I was scared, then I go back to my apt. I started running around the house scared shitless cuz I thought it was the end of the world, So I go downstairs to my neighbors and start talking to him He couldn't believe what I looked like my hair was all dishelved and my face was beat red, I was sittin in their apt and I asked what time it was and the this girl looked at the cable box and it was on channel 5 and she's like 5'oclock and I was like NO IT"S NOT!!!!!!, I ran outta there and went back up stairs, well I'm back on the porch w/ about 3 other people and the cops pull up, everyone ducks down BUT ME of course, I run downstairs and outside and tell them someone is in my apt, Now I have on jeans a tye dyed shirt no shoes and my pillow and a glass of water w/ about a inch of water in it, I set it all down on the back of the cop car and I start talking to them telling them to call an ambulanc! e cuz I don't feel right, they start asking me who gave me the acid and a bunch of shit all I kept saying was I don't remember, Well the cop keeps asking me my name after I had already told him and I look at him like what the fuck is wrong w/ you, then I say "Is this the end of the world" the pig says "No but to you it might feel like it", Well the ambulance comes and they put me in and I just know they are trying to kill me w/ some posionous gas thats in the oxygen mask, so i start smacking my arms at everything, Well after we get going It seems to me that no one really knows whats going on and it's not cuz I'm trippin I know they were fucking w/ me cuz when I asked where we were going he said the cememtery, Now what the fuck is that about??? Anyways at the hospital I'm conviced that it's the end of my life and they are trying to cut my oxygen off, So i jump up about 15 times, trying to run out. Well after awhile I calmed down because my grandma came and I! see everything melting everyones faces were disgusting to look at so I kept my eyes shut. Well after awhile they said I could go home, It turned out I almost had a heartattack and they flushed my system, This was a terrible acid experience and I know it was because of the shit John was doing early that night, because I can handle acid, I've done 12 hits in a weekend and I was having the time of my life, Just goes to show, one thing can ruin something that should be good. But I still Love acid and I won't let one bad experience ruin it for me. Weed never helps w/ acid though you can smoke as much as you want and you'll never feel the high of the weed, Same goes with alcohol.