Story 110

The other night i came across your page while i was looking for information on lsd and mushrooms. i really enjoyed reading the stories, and i thought i should send in a story of my own. i hope you decide to use it on your page... anyway, my experience goes something like this... i have done mushrooms a lot, and acid once. i have had lots of good experiences with mushrooms. most every time i have had so much fun and so many great experiences. my first trip was by far my best. i spent five hours in a swimming pool in the rain. my friend has this beautiful backyard that looked like the garden of eden. and that day i think i might have been the smartest person in the world. most of my trips have been much like the first one, until my last trip a few days ago. my best friend erin and i decided to trip with 3 of our friends. we went over to his dorm room and split the eighth that we had bought. at first i was sure that the mushrooms wouldn't even do anything to me because usually i eat way more than and eighth split 5 ways. that didn't seem like much to me at all. but these mushrooms were supposed to be some of the best on campus. so i ate my share and just hung out waiting for my trip to begin. at first we were having the best time. we smoked a blunt and we were all laughing a lot. after awhile i started to feel shitty. i was just sitting in a chair and i had no idea what was going on. my friends noticed something was wrong with me and started to ask me what was happening to me. i turned my head to talk to my friend crystal, and for some strange reason i couldn't find her. but she was right next to me. i couldn't talk and i felt soooo uncomfortable. i was also sweating really really hard. erin wanted to go to a club so i got up and tried to leave with her. we got out into the hall way and i couldn't walk. i was tripping over my feet and running into the walls. she helped me back inside and i fell down on brad's bed. i was so scared,they took my shoes off and covered me up and just left me alone for a minute till i started feeling better. at this point my pants were soaking wet with sweat and i actually was afraid that i had peed on myself. i closed my eyes and just thought for a little while. the visuals i had while my eyes were shut was crazy. it looked like i was looking through a kalidescope. it is hard to explain. finally i was ready to try walking again and erin and i left and came back to our own dorm. the walk back was such a journey. so many weird things happend. when i got too my room i put on my pajamas and got into my bed. i was beginning to feel even weirder. i couldn't remember the fact that i had eaten the shrooms. i was insane. erin would try to talk to me and i couldn't comprehend her words. i would just stare at her and ask her some stupid question. i kept asking her if i would be normal again. to that she would explain to me that i had eaten a lot more of the shrooms than everyone else had and that i would stop tripping soon. of course i had no concept of time at all. i really freaked her out, and because of me she had a bad trip too. i convinced myself that i would have to be commited to a mental hospital and i kept thinking about what my family would think and if my friends would still want to hang out with me. it was nuts. but as soon as it happened, the whole feeling left. i was just laying in my bed and i said to erin that i felt normal again... anyway. it was a weird night. and because of all the crazy shit that happened i am never ever going to do mushrooms again. The End! :)