Story 111

My name is Zack and I live in Toronto. Last year I started doing drugs. It was my first year in high skool so I thought I would need to do drugs to have fun. Well anyways, my dealer started getting shrooms so I thought I would buy some. I got three grams to munch some other time. But my friend convinced me to eat 'em in skool. I hate skool and really didn't give a damn so I bought some timbits from the Tim Horton's in my caf and mixed 2 grams into some of them. By the time first class was done, I was feeling a tingle. My second class was history. On that very day, my class was having a educational court trial and I was supposed to be the judge. So there I was, sitting at the front of the class listening to the two "lawyers" battle it out, when the shrooms hit me like a ton of bricks! I could feel the grin spread from ear to ear on my face. My friend, who was on the jury, knew I was tripping so he kept making funny faces and noises. I could barely hold in my laughs. I knew my face was going red from trying to. I kept my hands over my face so no one could see me. Then the stupid lawyer kids just started yelling and screaming at each other. I broke out laughing, and everyone in the room (including my teacher) laughed with me. I had no idea why they thought it was so funny but at least I wasn't in trouble. Finally the class ended, but then I remembered I had another class, science. When I got there, I told all my friends about what had just happened and I told them I still had a next gram left. Well again, I was easily persuaded into munching them down. My head was spinning! Luckily we watched a movie on some stupid bugs. Me and some friends spent the class melting pens and other shit at the back of the class. That was the best day of skool I've had so far.