Story 114

I live in texas and about three years ago started taking acid at raves. of all the raves I have been to, one sticks out as the best ever. It was called pheonix rising. I went with my best friend who recently moved away. We have partied a lot together, but this topped them all. We each bought and ate four hits of some thick double-dipped blotter. man, we didn't know what treats we were in for. we were just hangin out in the middle of the dance floor when it hit us. Jam Master Jay started his set, and when he yelled throw your hands in the air, a million pairs of hands reached up and brushed the ceiling. It was an incredible thing to see. The acid had me so antsy and excited that I didn't know what to do with myself, so my body decided for me. I started to dance like a monkey on crack for what seemed like minutes but turned into hours. when I stopped and looked around my friend Danny was no where to be found in the crowd. I began to search around for him. while I was walking around looking, my mind was racing all over the place as well as my eyes. on the way to the bathroom i saw a guy with real vampire teeth, not a hallucination by the way, and I thought that it was wierd how I was not frightend by this. that was soon forgotten when I went outside and sat in a sea of long grass. As I sat there I looked down and saw by body dipping and rising quickly in the grass, like a boat in the ocean. I looked across from where I was sitting and noticed a mud pit that people kept stepping in, I kept laughing histerically, because as soon as someone would step in it with a disgusted look on there face, someone else would come along right behind them and do the same thing. Hello, If you see people obviously stepping in mud, don't go were they went. then I though I saw danny, so I got up and was walking twords him, when I realized that I had stepped in the exact same mud pit everyone else was, i couldn't hold it in. i rolled in the grass forever laughing crazily while people gave me strange looks. It wasn't even my friend I was heading twords, it was some tall drag queen, what was I thinking! I went back inside and eventually found my friend sitting in a padded booth and staring at a wall covered in black trash bags. I sat down next to him and glance at it also. Holy shit, I can't even describe what things I saw . I can only describe one thing. It was Tupac with a skelatin arm about to hit a joint, but every time he would be about to hit the joint, someone would bump into the wall making the trash bag material move and the joint would slip away from his lips. It was annoying me and all I remember wanting is for Tupac to get a hit. we finshed of the night dancing and laughing. there is a lot more cool things that happened, but I would be writing forever to try and describe them. we left at 6 in the morning and as soon as I started to drive away, collected dew from the roof of my truck started to fly in through my windows, it felt like it was raining inside my truck, I had to pull over for a minute and collect my wits. We were still tripping hard! our last stop of our trip was a grocery store of all things, we went in and totaly forgot why we whent in there, we didn't care though, we were tripping balls! I remeber seeing a godzilla figure in the toy section and then I started acting like godzilla, which all came to a quick end, when a stock lady was staring bewildered at me as i attacked a large display of Depends! What the fuck, we had to go home were it was safer to be retarted. that ended my best trip so far, I really couldn't say the best, because every trip is unique and fun, but it definatly sticks out as one of the better. later