Story 115

of the 10 or so lsd experiences ive had i'd like to share one in particular...its not the most outrageous of my trips...but it was cool. this was my second trip. it was 2 years ago. i had just made a new group of friends and was spending a lot of time with them. They were all heavily experienced with psychedelics. They would tell me that psychedelics were meant for people like me... One day one of them came up on a bunch of gel tabs. We dropped 3 each one night. Rented a Pink Floyd concert and fucking Tela Tubbies of all things (one of the girls said she wanted something non-intrusive). After just laying around kinda waiting for it to start.... an hour and a half later...all of a sudden.... this loud ass boom is bouncing off the walls. Fucking Bjork is bumpin. "and if you complain once'll meet an army of me"... that song. they were moving quickly around the room putting up psychedelic curtains / sheets, bringing in fresh fruit, lighting inscense. man... this was a show.... we each grabbed a inscence and turned the lights off.... darkness... with Bjork.... and acid. we stood there for a while ( i think) making trails with the inscense, and dancing... not that long...but long enough for each of us to go thru two sticks. Then me and one of the girls went into her room. We kneeled on the floor facing each other and just stared at each was really sexual...its like "woah....your cool" told her that she was like a shaman.....i was going through serious bullshit before... and she comes into my life and fucking makes shit better. She says "...uhh....thats like the best compliment anyone has ever given me.... oh my god". we talked about all sorts of concepts like us westerners getting into eastern thought, healing...ect. Later we turned on the pink floyd. Man, that was the most outrageous concert i'd ever seen. The lazar show was amazing. We were all just staring at the tv with our mouths open going "fuuuuhhhkk", "dammmnn", "fuuuuhhhkk", every few minutes someone would jump and and yell. It was seriously deep. Then after that was over we watched the teletubies. we all laughed through the whole thing....crying laughing.....and that baby that comes up in the sun, and the was cool..... so we played with insence, talked with and without words, and watched a lazar show on tv. nothing dramatic, but it was fun