Story 116

My 2nd time trippin was the most fuct up night I can remember. It all began on Saturday morning, and I just got word that my bud was going to have a phat ass hotel party for her birthday that night. I provided the 48 Coronas for my 3 best friends that I scored for free, and we had gotten our bud the night before. I was trying to think about things that would liven up the party, so we swung over to my old work to see if my old pal would hook us up with some tabs. To my surprise, he had 4 ready-to-go sweet tarts that he gave to us for free. That was the first time he delt to me, and we weren't really that tight - he just knew I did drugs (I just thought that he said the coolest thing: "nobody should have to pay for acid." :) Man, the day was set. We drive over to the condo, and started smokin bobs (blunts). The party was full of Abercrombie crews drinkin beer and being loud and obnoxious, and we were ready to break out of that hell and take our trips. Around midnight all four of us dropped, just when the party was dying down. I start wondering around the hotel, trying to clean things up to prepare for our night of heaven. The pictures that were once of flowers were now neon aliens that were dancing in circles. I closed my eyes and saw lime green lizards spiraling into eternity. I had begun to trip - HARD. The music was intense, I began questioning what I was doing, and I was always on a mission to do something, but what? I had no clue. So for that whole night I kept my Steve Madden boots on, but unzipped and with my geans tucked inside. Once we all started peaking, I noticed two blond bitches lying drunk on the ground - one with puke surrounding her. Damn, I thought, this isn't good. Me and the birthday girl had to drag her to the bathroom, where she puked and puked and puked. This was so not good - I was trippin HARD and having to help this bimbo survive the night. I seriously thought she was going to die, she was shaking and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. Meanwhile, I'm freaking out, seeing her morphing face beside the toilet and the tiles on the walls outlined with the brightest colors I've ever seen. Finally, I grabbed my cigarettes and told myself that I couldn't help her now, I'M TRIPPING! I HAVE MY OWN DAMN PROBLEMS! My friend grabbed me back to their conversation, and I felt I was back in bliss. She was such an entertainer, I seriously believe people are at their best during good trips. After about 3 hours, these 3 guys walk in, and that was when tension thrived the most. They were college geeks who knew the girl that was throwing up. One was talking to her, and the other two were talking to us, and they finally realized we were trippin. These wierdos began going to each of us and poking our backs or covering our eyes, and then pretended they weren't doing anything. This was so not cool. One of my friends was getting really freaked out and ran upstairs. I was just seriously pissed that they were ruining all our fun. Finally, after a couple hours, we kicked them out. The rest of the night (or morning), we sat around trying to be quiet, but was tripping so hard we were doing everything possible in a hotel room. I was literally stuck sliding deeper and deeper in a corner, and all my friends kept on making fun of my damn black boots with my jeans tucked into them. We were so fascinated with the floor, we just kept on pushing the carpet with our fingers and seeing the floor dent in. I kept on complaining that I had to go pee, but I couldn't. I ended up walking around with my pants around my ankles for about 10 minutes, so confused. We even took a trip to the bathroom, and man, was that some scary shit. We sat in this crammed bathroom with the light off, and then flicked the light on and then off quickly. Everyone's faces were so wierd - their eyes were bugging out and these red dots were zooming across their faces. I couldn't look at them any longer. The blunt shavings in the bathtub totally tripped me out. They were just black swirls that looked like blood from the movie Psycho. I had to get out. I found sanctuary in my little corner, but my hands and feet kept on going numb I couldn't relax. That's the only problem with me, my body falls asleep a lot when I trip. But I was so into my lazer show when I closed my eyes that I forgot all about it. The next morning we all left that condo looking like crap - but we did it together. My friends, who have been trippin more often, said that that was definitely the best trip they ever had. Mad visuals, mad hearing. I wish all trips could have been like that night, but without all that chaos.