Story 117

one night while @ work i 8 a piece of chiken later on that evening my friend picked me up. being in the state that i was in i told him to take me to the store 4 some OJ. For 20min i just stood looking in @ the bottles trying to figure out what to do, finally my friend was like waht the hell is taking so long . So i grabbed a bottle and held it as far away from my body as possible. Kinnda like i was carrying a dog terd. When i reached the counter i sat it down and pushed my friend up so he could pay for it. I keep pushing him closer and closer to the counter until he was leaning over it. While the whole time i was pushing him i would lok over his shoulder and point at the bottle while laughing, then i would crouch down behind him like i was hiding. By this time the store clerk tought i was nuts. Finally we made it back to the car safetly and i told my friend that i was tripping. But what was cool is that i defeated the bottle of Oj by drinking the entire bottle!!!!!!