Story 118

Well, it's been about 5 years since I've tripped. And I am having a relasp. It's lasted for about 2 weeks now. I've only done acid once. When I was in the seventh grade my best friend gave me a drop of acid on white paper. It was a half day of school and school was starting oat 12:30. Well I called her that morning and her mom had said she was still asleep, my voice and her moms voice was being recorded on the answering machine. Well anyways she came over and gave me the acid and I let it dissolve in my mouth and I waited. She told me that it would take about 30 minutes. I told her that it was fake and she told me that it would kick in just give it time. We went to her house at about 12:00, her mom played the messages and I started laughing and my friend told me to stop laughing because her mom would get suspicious. We left for school and we had to walk to the bus stop and introduce this guy to the people their. My friend told me that I had a bug on my nose, so I looked cross eyed to see the bug and actually saw a shadow of a bug and started crying, because I hate bugs. Well we got on the bus and all I could do was laugh and cry. My friend tried to calm me down but it wasn't working. We finally got to school and I decided to go to class, not knowing that everyone was at lunch. So my friend stayed their with me. This girl came up to me and asked if I would hold her books while she went to go do something and I started to cry again, she gave me this look like I'm sorry, then my friend was like do you want to telll her what's wrong? I told her that I was having family problems. I felt as if everyone knew what was wong. Well when I waked outside I thought I was goingt o freeze to death so I sat on the ground, my friend was with me and this one girl that trips a lot said just let her sit there. I was so happy to hear her sasy that because I had no intention of getting up. Well I got to my english class and we had t do a journal and well I just kept on trying to wipe my bangs out of my face because I thought that they were in my face. I also felt as if everyone was watching me. Well we went to the bookstore in the library and I started to look at this book, it had Jim Carrey in it and it was so funny that I started to laugh and once again I sat on the floor, this really cute guy asked me if I was going to buy the book all I could do was smile. I kept hearing noises like don doon doon. Well at the end of the day I got home and my mom had prepared dinner for me and I was sitting there all paranoid that she knew i was trippen, so I tryed to eat as fast as I could, then she put more food on my plate and I told her that I wasn't hungry, cuz I wasn't hungry at all. I walked really fast to my room adn decided to chew on some gum, so i layed on my bed staring at the ceiling chewing really hard on some winter fresh gum and having this really big smile on my face. My friend called me to ask me how I was doing and I started to sweat really bad, I told her that my eyes were dialated and I never wanted to do acid again, I kept asking her how long was it going to last. I told her that I hated to feel like thisand I wa so nervous thinking that I may never feel sane again. Well, Just recently Ihaven't been feeling well, and I've been under a lot of stress, the whole ordial with cracking your back and getting a relasp is scary and true. I had bad trip and it's back.