Story 119

"An Unearthly World" In July of 97, a couple of days after my 17th b-day my bro got a thirty strip of LSD, it was called "Betty Boop" which was the print on it. I got my brother to hook me up with six hits (since he didn't get me anything for my b-day.) After i got that i made plans to trip with a couple of my buddies, one who had never tripped (Jesse, who i had trying to get to trip for a long time) and Shane who i had tripped with numerous times. That friday we met at my house where we cut the hits they turned out to be 6 HUGE hits (we estimated it to be about 8 hits or so.) Well, jesse ended up backing out which was ok, i wasn't going to preasure him since it hard enough just to get him to toke reefer with us. He still wanted to hang out though, so he got an eighteen-pack and decided to pull an all-nighter with us since we had planned on tripping at his house anyways. That left me and shane with three giant hits a piece. So we said fuck i! t and dropped. the most i had ever taken was two and a half shane said he had taken three once but said those hits were about half of the ones we had just taken. It wasn't but about thirty minutes after we dropped i started tripping moderatly. Soon after that,we got to jesse's house. He has a big ass pond, so we decided to get some chairs and chill out there for a while. By the time we got stationary me and shane were trippin' balls. Everything was fucked up. I remember looking up at a small maving cloud that looked like it had currents of electricity flowing through it. At this point jesse had downed about 9 or 10 brews and was cracking me and shane up. He had been smokin' with us too. Although i thought i was peeking it was just the start of my trip. I don't know why but i took my shoes off and went walking in the mud at the edge of the pond it was fucked up, i couldn't tell where the mud ended at my feet started. After being a! t the pond for a couple of hrs. we decided to walk across the pasture to his sisters house and chill in the go-kart shop (jesse races go-karts) so we could listen to some music, i wanted to go explore or get into something. When we got to the shop we started off with some Ozzy, WHICH FUCKED ME UP. The first song we played was "Crazy Train." If you're an Ozzy fan you know how that song starts out, as soon as i herd that it was total meltdown, it was like Ozzy really triggered it. I had never tripped this hard in my life. I was looking out the shop window at this tree. Every little branch appeared to be a snake. They were weaving in and out of each other, they were all dark black with no facial features. I realized that i hadn't blinked for a long time so took my focus off the tree so i could force myself to blink, when i turned around i saw jesse, eyes half opened but still drinkin' and shane was looking up the tail-pipe of one of t! he go-karts. No one had said a word for atleast 30 min b/c we were jamming out and couldn't have herd each other even if we tried to talk. When i turned the radio down to get there attention all i could hear was the sound of a plane flying over but it wouldn't go away shane was hearing what he described as a deep vibration. (I figured we probably hearind the same thing,) anyways we walked outside, jesse stumbling behind, we were headind back to jesse's house b/c he wanted to pass out even though me and shane were still peeking, but we were ready to go back to the house to chill anyway. When jesse was stepping over the fence to cross the pasture he busted his ass, me and shane were laughing histarically untill we noticed him curled up in a ball and wasn't saying anything. I knelt down beside him and saw tears coming from his eyes. You have to realize, jesse is a big mufucker and niether of us had ever seen him cry. He spoke ! a couple minutes later trying to hold his tears in, all he was saying was "it's broke it's broke." I put my hand on his back, trying to tell him it was ok. When i did i was overcome with emotion. I felt so sorry him it felt like he was dying or something. Shane started wigging out, coming up with all these fucked up scenario's that he thought was going to happen, the next thing you know he just walks off. I had seen ppl have bad trips before and that was the last thing i wanted but everything was too fucked up. I looked up at the sky and it felt like and looked like everything was shaking and i was in a some kind of dome , almost like i wasn't even outside. After that i closed my eyes and rubbed them to try to stop the shaking, when i started to rub them I began to see undescribable patterns going in every direction so i opened them quickly only to be blinded by colors i can still picture in my head but can not describe. ! ; At this point i thought i was all alone it didn't even feel like i was on this planet. When that stopped things started looking somewhat familiar again but still fucked up, like i had built-in kolidascope's in my eyes and the tracers i was seeing were expanding out bouncing off everything they hit and eventually fading out. It felt like i had no internal organs, i was weightless. I didn't think i was going to live. I fell back into the thick grass and laid there waiting to die, waiting to live, just waiting. The sky had a dark red tint and and the stars were twinkling like on a cartoon it looked so real but so fake. Suddenly i blacked out when i came to there was jesse and shane standing over me. I was so relieved, i was still tripping but I was out of that zone and i felt so awesome, i went from having a nightmare of a trip to feeling almost like i was on ecstacy. They told me that i had been lying there for almost an hour shaking a! nd mumbling, Shane said it sounded like i was speaking in tounges. Jesse said after i started wiggin' out he wasn't even worried about his leg, and they had come to the conclusion that it wasn't broken anyways (it was just a sprained ancle.) I'll never forget the walk back to jesse's i felt like i had been cleansed, like every bad emotion had left my body, i couldn't stop smiling. Jesse had an arm around each of us b/c he couldn't walk with his injury. None of us said a word untill we got to the house all we could do is laugh realizing how fucked up of a night we had just had. When we got there i remember looking at the clock and it said 5:05. Jesse went and crashed. Me and shane packed up a bowl to smoke while we watched the sunrise. It was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. That whole side of the sky was filled with colors and big fluffy white clouds that i was still trippin' out on. Niether of us stopped tripping for an! other 3 or 4 hrs. Shane went home about 12:00, and i chugged a shit-load of milk but only accomplished taking about a 2 hr. nap. Ever since that night i have had a whole different way of looking at things, it really fucked with my head. I didn't trip again untill July 4th of 98 but that's a whole different story that maybe i'll write about some other time. But if you made it through this story let me just say that i'm not discouraging the use of LSD, it's given me a whole new way of looking at things, a better way. Just keep an open mind and expect the unexpected. have a nice trip, "SPAIN" p.s. sorry about the bad spelling