Story 12

Here's a story for your page: It was a warm late Spring afternoon in 1998 when I tripped for the first time. I had taken half tabs of acid before, but I didn't really trip; I just got a funny feeling. Jay, a friend of mine that I frequenty smoked pot with called and invited me over beacuse a, Brian, a friend of his was at his house and had "tickets". I walked quickly to Jay's house and when I got there he sticks his tongue out at me and I saw a fresh blotter square stuck to his tongue. I follow him back to his bedroom where there are three other people: Diana, Brian, and Tina. Brian had a quater sheet of watercolors and had already cut out ten individual trips and placed them on his tongue. Tina and Diana also took one each. I asked for one and Brian breaks out his scissors and cuts me out a fat postage stamp sized trip that cost five dollars. He agreed that I could pay him at a later date. I happily ingested the hit from between the two scissor blades and sat content with a smile on my face. After a short while I got tired of sitting around and got up and went home. I sat around waiting for the trip to kick in strong. I just had a funny feeling like I always had when I took the smaller doses. This feeling was continually growing in strength, though. I ate dinner and decided to sit on my front step for a while. After doing that for a while I got extremely restless and walked back over to Jay's house. I knocked on the door and got no answer. I figured, hell, they're tripping, they can't hear me; so I just walked on in. When I walked back to his room I started feeling really strange. They had just finished taking bong hits and were smoking cigarettes. We talked for a little while and I was still restless so I got up and took a walk down the road. I walked down the road for a distane and turned around to head home. On the way back home I started getting my first visuals. I thought to myself, "Wow. That purple shit on the road looks pretty cool." The acid was fucking with my head. I didn't realize at first that I was hallucinating. I thought it was just the sun reflecting off the road. I was really seeing purple fractals. Several seconds later I turned to walk down my road. Fractals covered the landscape. There were purple fractals on the road and yellow fractals in the grass. I was really excited. When I got home I went to room and layed down on my bed. The visuals that I was getting were really intense. A light on the ceiling was pulsating slowly. Its dimensioned were stretched so far that it almost appeared as if the light was directly in front of my face. I saw little psychedelic rainbows pop out of nowhere. When I waved my hands around there were long black trails. This trails looked very, very familiar. I felt as if I had seen them somewhere before. I must have seen some trippy imagery on television or a movie or something. I remember thinking to myself "so this is what everybody is talking about". I took a look at a Superman poster and it started to melt and drip down my wall. Superman's face was continually molding itself into different expressions. His body split into layers diagonally downwards and to the right. The room was trying to spin itself around vertically. I was extremely excited. I called my friend who was an experienced tripper and talked with him for a while. All I can remember is going on and on about stupid shit and how cool everything was. I felt like I had to take a piss. When I went to the bathroom there were orange fractals on the brown carpet. I tryed to take a piss but I couldn't. Acid seems like it always teases my blatter. I went in the living room to watch TV. It was dark outside now. I was watching the X-files. I couldn't concentrate on the storyline at all. All I could really pay attention to were the glowing colors in the TV and the background music. After this I went to bed. I was trying to go to sleep but realized I couldn't. I sat with my eyes closed and saw everything that was beatiful in my head. Somehow I got the idea that I should committ suicide. I wasn't being negative or anything; In fact I was pretty happy. I just thought that life was irrelevant and it wouldn't if I died. I thought to myself, "If I had a gun, I would kill myself right now." Luckily, there wasn't one around. Now I know how insane people feel. At this time I was also worrying about the drug's effects not going away. It felt like I had been tripping for so long. I was thinking, "What if I stay like this forever?" My perception of time was very distorted. I kept wanting to see Brian, Jay, Diana, and Tina. Since I started the trip with them I wanted to end it with them, too. Then I realized what time it was and that they were most likely gone. I was worried about going to sleep because I had to get up the next day. I thought it was the early morning when it was still only late night. This was when I began having slightly scary hallucinations. Headlights from cars would jump into my room through my blinds and my brain would exaggerate this into someone being in my room. I had to urge to get up and fight this imaginary person but I knew I was seeing and hearing things so I lay there in my bed. I got up to turn the light on to prove to myself that noone was there. When I turned the light on everything was so bright. Everything was glowing. I finally went to sleep. The next morning I woke up fairly early. The drug had completely worn off and I felt great. I was still excited about the experience. It is something that I will never forget.