Story 124

this is a mushroom trip i had two weeks ago well i had got an 8th of some good shrooms and was goin to wait for the weekend but i was on the phone with a friend and i was like i got shrooms he was like eat them now!! well it was about 5:00pm and my mom was home but i did it anyways after i ate them i waited about 30mins then went in the shower about 20mins or so later i was sitting in the shower and i was looking at the wall and then it happen the wall was moving all around and colors of blues,greens and many others all around me i was in their for 2 hours my mom went and picked up my bro and i was home alone to chill with my trip i went in my room and the TV was on and all i could do was laugh my ass off the pictures on my wall were moving and talking to me soon after i went out side and smoked some bud and went and layed in my bed looking at the TV i had the best time of my life