Story 125

my story isn't all that interesting but it was kinda fun so i was into it here it is. I reall really like this guy that lives in my town like 4 miles away from my house and he invited me to chill with him one day. he said his mom wouldn't be home all day so i was like ok i'll be over soon and i brought 4 tabs of acid. He had never done it before and i'm not sure if he even know what it was but he was into it so we dropped 2 each and just chilled for a while. It wasn't hitting him at all but i was completely gone i was like falling down and laughing at nothing and seein shit all over his walls and he was just sitting there making fun of me. After like an hour it finally hit him and he was like wow this is excellent i feel so good, cuz he had never done it before or anything else besides i think he used to smoke weed but he hadn't for like a year. we listened to NAs and Tribe Called Quest and the Roots and it seemed like 20 minutes and we were just fucking around having fun, and then we hear this car door slam and he was like "oh shit my mom's home." We both started to completely flip out, because he was seeing shit and i was completely blasted, so we hid in the basement for like and hour, just acting ridiculous. We must have knocked something over cuz his mom ran downstairs to see what the noise was, and we were discovered. She was screaming at us and i was all "why are you doing that weird thing with your head??" so we decided to get the hell out of there and walk 4 miles to my house. it was like 4 degrees out and we walked to a dairymart where my friend was working and just chilled there for like 3 hours making fun of the names of food and stuff and then i tried to walk home to face my mom. fortunately she was sleeping so we went to my attic and turned on all the black lights and strobe lights and shit. Then we went to bed and stared at the shadow on my ceiling and talked about red socks and giant pumpkins and how they stole the spirit of halloween. It was a good time. kinda shady but i introduced a person to the wonderful world of acid, i did my good deed for that day. so thats my story hope you enjoyed it.