Story 126

My night started out just hanging out, snowbaording, excited to take my hits of acid waiting for me in my purse. My plan was to go party hopping with my friend (me being the only one tripping) But it turns out that as we were about to leave the ski resort the brakes on her car don't work. so here I am stuck at this ski place nothing else to I take my hits. There was also a number of people tripping there so I wasn't alone. We waited for our ride who belonged to the parents of these 2 chicks that I have hung out with a couple times who were also tripping. So their plan was to get picked up at this other chicks house and go to a movie. so they invited me along. As we attended the chicks house we were going nuts, her room nicely decorated, vibrating my eyes, posters dripping, everything just so beautiful. Well our ride to the movies never showed and we had to get out of her house cuz her dad was about to come home and would freak out if we were there. so we called my friend's brother at this dudes house. Well they packed 10 people in 2 cars to pick us up cuz it turns out they were all tripping on acid too and they didn't want to leave each other. So we went back to this house that this guy left the other tripping party of 10 for them to stay in and just told them to clean it up when they were done. Well this house turned out to be monstrous.....It was HUGE!! Rooms led into rooms, hallways never was amazing! There was so much to explore!! I just couldn't beliieve I was here in this house with a total of 12 people tripping and we had nothing to worry about. My thoughts were wild!! My soul escaped into these peoples lives I have never explored. I devoured every limit of wandering. My journey was amazing. It was one of my greatest trips!