Story 127

About two weekends ago me and my friend leaf decided to take some hits of acid. We have never taken it outside of a club or rave, so we wanted to see what it was like besides at those places. So when we were riding along a country road smoking this incredibly huge joint.(it was angeldust) and then i said lets eat these sheets we had. I was driving for abbout twenty minutes(tweeking out the whole time, i don't know if we were driving or not,but it felt like it) I still think we were parked though. But after about 45 minutes the acid started kicking in. we were driving along the river when it started to look like lava. As we were driving leaf said did you see the devil in the lava, i said no so I turned around and went back where he said it. Not to mention all the other weird colors in the snow. I saw where th edevil was and i backed my car to where the devil told me to go.(did i mention we were listening to pinkfloyd) The next thing i remember was backing my car right into the river. I've never seen so many cop cars and ambulances in my life. the lights were fucking with my head. i didn't even know where leaf was. as the cops pulled us out of the water, they thought we were traumitized of the coldness, that's why we were laughing. In the end a cop had following us the whole time, and we had some extra hits in the car and another joint there too so we got busted.FUCKING PIGS!!!!!!!