Story 128

This is the story about my first trip on acid. Me, my friend, and my girlfriend were all at my friends house. He pulled out 10 blue geal caps. him and I both took 4, and my girl friend took 2. We sat around for about 45 minutes waiting for it to happen, I got bored and started making out with my girlfriend. about 5 minutes into that I started seeing weird things on the side of her cheeks. It didn't really bother me that much so I continued to kiss her. All of the sudden, my tounge started going through holes in her mouth, and I could see my tounge on the side of her cheeks. I freaked out and jumped away from her. My friend suggested we should play N64, so he turned it on and we were amazed by all the colors. anyway, half way into the game, Mario and Lugi jumped out of the TV and started talking to me. They were telling me all about the Princess in the castle. I was so freaked out, I went up stairs to my friends room. It seemed like I was in the mall and and the walls were people looking at me. I thought I was on the escelator going up. When Igot up there I layed down on the bed. That was a bad idea! all of the sudden I felt like I was flipping upside down over and over. I looked over at the wall, and Jimi Hendrix appeared and started talking to me. He was telling me about Acid, and I thought it was his ghost. I ran back down stairs and walkd around what I thought was a large pool of Lava. I went over to the couch. What I thought was that my girlfriend and Friend were both masturbating each other, when it turned out they were just talking. I got really mad and just went and sat down. They both looked at me very weird. I went over and sat by them after I forgave them, and we just talked about different things we were seeing. After I came down, It turned out I had the worst trip they had ever heard of, but it wasn't that bad. and I will deffinetly do it again.