Story 129

A Not So Cold Night it was a not yet but close to a winter day in Michigan [the hand on the world] their was no snow but one foggy night. it started off when i bout some "faces" from one of my not so good friends this paper was some of the best but weirdest paper doses i have ever had. You have probally eated madd hatter acid befor and you probally thought it was ok acid like i have but this was a suppurb batch i dont know what or how it turned out so diffrent but soon i started calling it the "faces" [i had no hallucinations so dont ask why i call it the "faces"] it all started a 9:00pm that night on a thursday with school yet to come me and my friend chris had 6 hits that i paid for cause i am a good friend so we had 3 a peice we dosed and their supprising thing was that it only took 5 minutes for it to start it affect so me and him decided to get the hell out of my house and go over to my friends girlfriend house anna so we sat their for a good 30 to 40 minutes playing with things we grabed those little fuzzy thing that the carpet is made out of lifting it up and then dropping it watching make waves across her floor as it appeared to simmulate the affects of water [we found this to be one of the most amazing things for the moment we were mezmorized in what people might call our own stupidity] and i felt a strange tingle up my spine as i have so many times befor that put a hipnotic spell of entegrity and energetic enthuseasm over me if was amazing to the point where i took on a new roll playing idea that was more real to me that the life i breathe in this was the first time i tripped with my friend chris so i decided to make our whore of a friend anna to take in the roll of a clock that would keep us safe and sheltered for the night as it tried to over come its cold touch to our bodies so the night took on the roll of a book with the chapters of the new and each page containing a scene so we decided to leave the setting and go beyond the doors of the room and start a new chapter so we opened the door and went to chris's car on the foggy night me chris and clock sat for a bout 10 - 20 minutes as we found a place to go so we went driveing and ended up at a stored where we found so food to nurish our selves we bout a huge bag of pop corn that looked kinda like sand as i ate some of it i got sick of it and trew it out the window and our friend clock suggested we go back to her house we almost died in a car accident with us and some deer like 5 or 6 of them so as our hearts were racing and pounding we got to clocks drive in area and sat their and then we decided not to be their any more so we left and we found and new road that is imprisoned in my mind the road name is D ave. for now on known as Dave so we went on a ride across Dave and found a trialer park in allegan some where i have really no clue where it was even thought i should. so we got to excited to see was was in stored for our tripp next so we went back to my house as we sat their we dose for our second hit just as the peak of the first hit made a hared toll on us so we did something hard to recall what so we decided the in side shelter was warm but we could not be contained so we went out in the cold weather as i wore a hat ... a cat in the hat type hat. it was so foggy out and some cold out we could even feel it we could feel the could around us but we could not feel the cold touching our skin it was strange so we took a long walk throught a feild where they are building a bunch of houses and in the middle of this feild was a huge ditch and we went in this ditch and this is were i found out that if you spin around in circles and stopp nothing really seems to stop so we climed out of this ditch not knowing what way we came in at and we walked straight where we came out at and went into the housing place where they are building lots of houses and we walked on the streets of ruby and orleans witch were know as people for the night as we amazed ourselves with the orangely light light and newly paved ground that circled it self in to houses and mailboxes i seemed to play with we kept walking and poor clock was freezing and ice outside was forming the whole time we was out their so we walked in circles not even knowing how we ended up at the feild agian so we walking accross it to go back to my dewling so poor clock could warm upas we reach my place i grabbed chris's cars antena and realized it was iced ove at at that second clock speaks to me says "Nick" you hat it has froze and had ice on it so i took it off realizing that clock told us we had been out side for 4 and a 1/2 hous tripping our balls off in below freezing weather and the fucked up part is i wore no coat nor sweater he sweater i had i gave to clock so we went inside and the cold hit me as i shiverd it off we realized dawn has spoked upon us and it was time for skool and me and chris each had 1 hit left and this was to be taked the moment we walked in the doors of the skool to keep us awake throught the day so we went to skool and i meet my girlfriend she spoke some words to me saying nick you are cold as ice as i felt warm and i was scring the living shit out of her because my pupils were the size of dimes and i was just ending the peak of my tripp so i took my last hit and walked into skool and dropped my girl off to the in house suspension room beace she got to many tardies so i spent the day watching teacher walk past me leaving trails of them behind and going to gym not understanding ow to really play basketball and i remember english class where i could speak a sentence straight through without my attention be distracted by other peoples conversations and then trying not to repeat what they have said art class was amazing and i drew a pictureof stained glass shattering into picturesand my not so good frind candy andy said to me i am shocked you didnt get cought today as i walk home on a busy road M-89 watching the cars leaving their mark as they drove past me i tripped untill 8:00pm that day 23 hours of non stop physcho action swrilling around me in kilidescope form that your for reading all this if you have and i recomed acid to anyone