Story 130

Since I am two years younger than my brother we were pretty close and every drug that I tried, I did it with him and his friends. He had always told me storied of his trips and I was so ready to try it! We planned to trip on day when we didn't have to get up the next morning so my brothers girlfriend bought 3 hits. We eached downed a paper and smoked a few bongs while we waited for the shit to kick in. Earlier that day I had gone and gotton my tounge pierced but it wasn't very swollen yet and I was just getting used to it. We started talking about a ton of stuff as I roled out a sleeping bag on his floor expecting a nice calm trip before dozing off in a few hours. We were all talking about how we were feeling the whole time and we began to think that it was bad acid when I layed down to try and fall alseep. Then it all hit me. I looked up at the ceiling which was covered in plywood ( it's a basement room) and the whole ceiling began to bubble. I didn't want to say anything to them incase it was just me but since it was my first time I was unsure. I figured that it was all part of it because of all my brothers stories so I asked them how they were feeling. They started saying some weird shit about hair so I just agreed with whatever they were saying and went back to the ceiling. The whole time I was playing my tounge but didn't know it. I was twisting it all around and clanging it against my teeth but didn't even know it except for when they warned me that it WOULD hurt in the morning ( turns out I couldn't eat for 3 days my tounge was so swollen!) but I figured that I'd better suck on some ice or something so that it wouldn't swell. I didn't want to go upstairs, afraid of waking my dad, so the only other thing that I could do was send my brother out to get some of the snow that falling outside. He went out side and got all spaced out and thought he was in a jungle where it was snowing so we had to go get him. Then we spaced out with him and I started thinking that the snow was going to get to deep and cover the house and then we wouldn't be able to get out but the other two reasured me that this would never happen. We all went back in side and i just stared at the wall for about an hour untill by brother turned on the T.V. I can't remember anything that we watched that night except for a commercial were this cow says " HI I'm sammy soso" and we just laughed about it for a long long time. Then we turned out the lights and T.V. and tried to go to sleep since it was almost 6: 30 am by this time but we didn't feel like getting up to turn out the strobe light that had been on. Finally my brother's girlfriend went and turned it down really slow so about every two seconds it flashed. Whenever the light came on and shut off I saw these tracers that would float throught he air and then bouce of the walls and slowly fade away. I saw so many visuals that night. I saw a poster of a dragon breath out fire in the form of my brother's girlfriends hair! The last thing I remember before falling alseep was that my dad came down before work to remind me to eat popsicles and take I.B. profen for my tounge but all I heard was to "eat some chilly-willy and take all" ( I sometimes think that he ate some acid the night before also since that's what everyone else heard too!) It was the best experience but it was a weird trip becaue i kept getting all emotion and kept thinking that my brother and his girlfriend we leaving me out of everything and talking about stuff but it turnes out that my brothers girlfriend thought my brother and I were doing the same to her and talking about childhood memories and my brother thought that me and his girlfriend were doing the same to him and talking about girl stuff! It was so complecated and everything just built on the last thing that happened! Only those who have experienced it can possibly know what I'm talking about too!