Story 131

one day at school there was an assembly so me and my friend decided to ditch the assembly and go get some acid. she got one hit and i got two. one was supposed to be for my other friend later on but the dealer guy didnt cut them in half and i accidentaly took two. and it was my first time! so after we took out hits we went back to her house and were watching music videos then i started feeling weird and i had just had some gum and i was peeling the foil off the wrapper and i didnt know what i was doing and started laughing and throwing the papers everywhere. then it was time to go back to school because lunch had just started and on our way back to school there was this weeping whillow that was doing some weird things! then when we got to school i started crying...i dont know what the fuck was wrong with me. and then we went out side and were sitting in my friends boyfriends car and i was crying and they were all wahts wrong?! then i was laughing and crying at the same time! and i tryed to calm down and close my eyes but there was all these colors and desighs everywhere. so we walked back into school and it was time to go to class and i walked in and some how this dude knew i was tripping and he was moving his hands up and down like he was flying and there were mad tracers of his arms! after being in there for a while most of the class knew what i was on. then we had to go up in front of the class and read something and it was my turn to go up and i was concentrating so hard on the paper so i wouldnt mess up and the words flew off the paper and i got all mixed up! after that class i went to 4th and didnt do shit! i just wanted to sit down. i didnt feel like talking to anyone because it felt that everytime i said something it was all babble babble! after school me and my friend went back to her house and i was looking in my little hand mirror and the mirrow caught the sun light and there was a reflection on the cieling and i started moving the mirror around everywhere and there was tracers everywhere the reflection went! and i thought it was the funniest thing in the world and i was laughing insanely. my friend was just staring at me like iwas a freak! after that some of our friends picked us up to go to the homecoming game and i didnt know what was going on! after the game i was leaning agains the window in the car and when we were passing other cars there was tracers from their car was soo weird. i dont konw if that was a good trip or not but i look forward to doing it again!