Story 132

Hey im gonna tell you a story something that happened about 3 weeks ago back in January. Me n a bunch of my friends decided to take some Ecstacy n it would be my 1st time ever so i was excited to do it. My brother n my friends ate, chewed the sopposed ecstacy n they said it tasted like shit so i just swallowed mine with a couple glasses of water. Well for a real long time nothing kicked in when my friend Heather started almost having seizers n shit thats when i got scared shitless cuz i wuz wonderin if that could happin to me.... gladly it didnt, apparently she ate 2 cuz she wuz used to doin it but these werent beans we ate we still dont know what da fuck they were. Everyone around me about 8 people felt like shit but me i dont know why. My friend Brian who had taken his hours before us , said that for a few minutes he couldnt see strait n it wuz da worst shit that he had ever taken. Well we were sitting there n some boy we hate came to my friends door n wuz askin if we had any herb to sell, n thats when i started felling really violent i felt like murdering him, my friends had to hold me back cuz i would of smashed his skull, n from then the rest of the high i wuz violent, i couldnt sit still when we were watching SPAWN the movie n it seamed to end as soon as we popped it into the vcr. While we were watching the movie i noticed my back was hurting like a bitch and i walked around the house like a hunchback. My friend told me 2 turn around when i was watching SPAWN as i was sitting in a chair. When i did turn around there was a long wooden pole n he said pick it up its a powerstick feel the power of it. I walked around the house with the stick n everybody got scared cuz i might have hit them. When i tried sleepin my eyes wouldnt keep shut i could basically see threw my eyelids n thats when i went back to my friend's house and after that everything is a blur, well thanks for your time n could u please post this