Story 134

Not knowing what I was getting into that June of 96, I was quick to volunteer my patronage to a local The guy kept like 5 sheets all folded up in a dental floss container! I dropped 2 stingy tasting squares and sucked them like they were the last drug on the planet. About an hour later I started getting so hyper I was attracting mad attention with my friends. I enjoyed the night which proved to turn out a blessed experience, until the walk home that night.... Me and my bud Tyler were cutting across a church parking lot (of all places) and stood under a streetlight smoking a butt and trying to squeeze out that last bit of trip before callin it a night. I remember, I was making weird hand gestures and was content with the illusion, however I decided to take the next step and make scary and winching figures with my hands. This lead to tell longest 5 hours of my life. The "trippy" effect created a bad trip beyond anything anyone could comprehend. The scariest part was that it was a simultanious hallucination in wich myself and my counterpart saw the same effect. My cringing and wicked hands became that of witches. Long grotesque nails and with all these like blisters and blood and detereriation. They became thin and boney. At the split second that my brain grasped what I was seeing, I came about as close to a heartattack as I ever hope to be. My whole body went COLD and a started gasping and crying, as did my friend, which added realism to the out of control fantasy. I weeped and prayed as my perefrial vision became flooded with evilness. I saw tree branches swiping, things growing from the ground. We were both paralized. We agreed to try to walk it off, but every few paces, a new senario would arise. The real kicker occured about 10 minutes after the initial incident, when a distand tree at first resembeled a man, and as my imagination took off, became a grim reaper, whos face appeared dead infront of my face suddenly, in a complete flash, like a photograph. I honest to god without a word of a lie with mary jane as my witness, have never felt so much terror, sadness, paranoia, anxiety and remorse in the next few hours as I sat awake all night alongside tyler in his house, not looking at each other for fear of instant recall. I have since, as a result of my facination later of the TRIP, indulged in other goodies, and have never had anything as truamatising as that. I've heard of this phenominon since, and all I can say is that if it's happened to you, the reader, then know that you have not only permanently rewired every though pattern you've ever established, but also you've seen above and beyond the drug, into the deepest depths of the underlying karma that is FEAR. PEACE LOVE PROSPERIETY........orangeWEDGE TORONTO, ONTARIO CANADA !420!