Story 135

This was about the 4th time i dropped acid and I was at a rave. When I got their my brother got a gel tab for me so i took it. When it kicked in I started seeing a rainbow light around everyone, it was beautiful =) But then it started getting pretty damn scary. I was talking to my friend Jessie and all of a sudden his eye popped out!! I freaked out but then i tried to ignore it because I knew I was tripping and everything, but when I turned around to look at everyone else their faces were mutating. I knew it wasn't real so i continued to ignore it and have a good time, so i started dancing again. It's so awesome when you're frying at a rave because your body moves perfectly with the music. I finally stopped raving and i got some water. WHen I was looking at the walls there were these wweeiirrdd images and then a big star appeared in front of me and it was melting. I tried to touch it, but of course it wasn't there. On the way home we were listening to some good trance beats and all the signs on the side of the road were swaying to the music. it was really cool ;)