Story 136

It was midway through lunch and my friend Dave decided to give me a couple of hits since he thought they were fake. I figured, what the hell, I'll chance it. As I walked to my next class, I noticed people's auras more, but I didn't think anything of it since that happens without being on anything. My government class was pretty normal, except things were funny and I cracked up a lot. About midway through the hour, I noticed the cabinets were moving and I noticed the patterns in the wood more. We took a test, and I could tell it was working when I started to write the answers (writing gets weird when I fry.) Some of it was confusing, but I ended up doing pretty well on the test. After class I found Dave and he tried to fuck with my but I wouldn't let him. He pulled one of my pigtails and it felt weird on my head so I told him to pull the other one to even it out. My next class was math and I found it strangely interesting. Then I walked home with a big smile on my face and realized I was pointing myself home, and that was why I didn't get lost, I point myself in the right direction and I'm fine. I went home and went to the bathroom, and just sat in there watching the towels grow and looked at the patterns on the wall, then got lost in my cat's fur for a while, then decided it was time to watch The Matrix. ( I hadn't ever seen it) So then I hung out with my mom, which was of course strange but funny, and got her to take me to the videostore. I bought a couple of fruitopias and had to look around forever to finally find the movie. I went home and started watching it, I found the most comfortable way to sit was leaning the recliner back then sitting upside down in it. I got highly involved in the movie, and it could get extremely confusing. There were helicopters outside and I decided it was the agents coming for me. I opened the door then my mom told me not to go out, and since they were going to come to get me by going into the water system and come out the kitchen faucet, I told my sister, "Like that's gong to save us or anything." My mom turned off the movie and turned on the news to try to figure out why there were helicopters or something. On TV i saw a car crashed through the side of someone's house, which was pretty hilarious. Then I go back to the movie and when the bug comes out of his stomach, he said "holy shit that things real?" but I thought he said "holy shit that thing's Weowd!" so I made fun of him for saying weird like he was retarded. I also remember the statement "You think that's air you're breathing?" which scared me. The movie was cool, but it confused me since I thought there were too many worlds (I thought there were 4 or 5 presented.) My mom asked if I wanted to go to her friend's house but I refused since I thought her friend would know what was going on with me. I finished the movie and called my friend Aaron and caught up with him, since I hadn't talked to him in months. All I remember is I told him about my day, some of the stuff he said scared me, and he told me he was laying off drugs for a while since the last time he had a bad trip and thought he was splitting off into a bunch of persionalities. I watched stuff move and looked in the mirror from far away and saw my hair grow long and wavy, and my eyes got intense and then red, so I figured it meant I saw someone I was in a past life and that I needed to start wearing my colored contacts again (I have red ones.) I got a ride to go hang out with some friends (who dont do drugs) and I was exteremely happy to see them. It wore off about 8 or 9, and I ended up staying at this girl's house. I think we watched a bunch of weird movies (but I may remember wrong) and my side started to hurt really badly. I concluded that was since I had taken my medication that morning and it didn't like being in my body with acid, plus I hadn't fried in months. The next day I watched The Matrix again and figured out what was REALLY going on in the movie.