Story 137

"Poodle Patty's" My friend had gone up to New York city for the weekend to a 3-day rave and had brought back 2 viles of acid. But i didn't feel like trippin right that minute so i told him just to put the hits on sugar cubes. So i bought three sugar cubes that were tripple dipped (maybe more, he just blotted it on the cubes.) There was about 7 of us trippin. Me and one other friend took 1 together, but i had two more in my pocket that just couldn't sit there any longer. So me and my friend dropped two more. But me and my friend were with other friends that weren't but we were going to meet the other friends that were trippin. Everyone elso ate 2 or 3 but my one friend had the vile in his mouth, then it broke, he had more than half of a vile of really good acid in his mouth. All he said was "of Fuck!" So we met up with are other friends and that's when it all hit extremly hard! We met them at McDonalds and walked down the street to "Poodle Patty's" no one was there but still we just walked in cause it was Patty's. (that's what the others said.) Now if you saw Patty you'd know why you would have been scared! Then all of a sudden everyone (all 7 of us) just burst out laughing, non-stop for like 3 hours. We all had a perma-smile on our faces. Then this guy came over that we didn't know named Rock. And for some reason that name was so funny no one could say his name without laughing! Then we got high, we smoked like 8 or 9 joints. Then we all decided to walk downtown (very small town, walkable) to get high again. So all 7 of us walked downtown trippin our brains out! My one friend just starts walking out in front of cars telling them to hold on and wait for her. We passed downtown, and now i was getting the best visuals i had ever gotten. I saw people in the sky walking, it was all swirly and so real, but not. Now we were on the collage campus and forgot why we left and where we were going. Now we were right in front of the police station not knowing how we got there, so we just turned around walking the other way. We went maybe the hole way to the other side of town and completly went DA! We stood in the middle of the road saying "Wait what in the hell are we doing?" Then we finally remmebered we wanted to get high. So we just went back the hole way to Poodle Patty's. The reason we called her Poodle Patty was because she looked like a rat/poodle. So we went and got high then Patty had these balls from McDonalds (from ball pit) she had about 3 big garbage bags of them. Then everyone started to throw them at everybody. I totally went insaine and just sat in the corner so i would get hit with one. It was one confusing night, but very exciting, and very intense!