Story 138

this is the story of one of the craziest nights in my drug career. me and three of my boys roll down to the beach last summer. we had a rack of pills, a couple hits of acid, some bud, brew, you know, the essentials. first night there we all candyflipped. it was tight but since we were on e and cid we didnt get the full effect of the acid. two nights later we get a call from my boy V. he decides to come over w/ a half sheet of that same acid and five bottles of grain alcohol. SET!!. we each ate two hits. i know 2 hits, big shit right. ive eaten way more than two myself but ive never triped this hard. we walked down to the boardwalk bout 20 min later and i realized i was pretty fucked up and my freinds said the same. we sat there tripping and just noticing and laughing at random shit when a fed rolled by us as slow as he possibly could just staring at us. we thought that was our cue to leave so we went back to our place. by now im in another dimension. we sat on this marina looking at the light reflect off the water. i just felt like jumping in. this shit was starting to get crazy man. my boy G who had been acting a little funny all night started to wig out saying shit like "we're tripping to hard man! im losin it!" and making the sign of the cross on his chest(hes a religiuos man). no matter what we told him he just wouldnt chill out. he couldnt comprehend anything we told him. on our way oinside the house(he was getting to loud to be outside, we feared the cops) he screams "hail mary!" and runs out!. we try to get him back but hes fighting us like we're the feds. so hes running around the streets, jumping in front of traffic, grabbing girls tits, and screaming "take me jesus!" out of options, my boy E calls the cops and told them our friend has eaten too much acid(feds are a LAST resort but he was going nuts!). the cops arrive to the seen and surround G. hes mumbling incoherant shit now and staggering around like hes drunk. cops attack him but G goes out bruce lee style! kickin cops faces and shit. backhanding cops and just gettin nasty on the feds. it was nuts. it took 8 cops to get him down and they needed billy clubs! now we're back in our place trying to comprehend what that shit was all about us being in a similar state and all. all i could see was mixes of everything that went into my eyes. i remember stumbling over to the bottom of the stairs and laying down looking up the stairs. they were swirling like one of those computer screen saver things. i kept getting this surging pain up through my neck and my brain felt like it was liquidating inside my skull. ive never felt anything so intense. after watchinf fear and loathing in las vegas about 4 times(the movie makes perfect sense on acid) i started to come down. the visuals lasted on through the next day though. impossible to explain how i felt that night. i dont think ill ever reach that peak again.