Story 139

This is one acid trip I will never forr the rest of my life. This is a long story So I will only tell you about when I started to geek out! I was in my ex-boyfriends room all alone wondering what to do I am a sixteen year old that had just told her mother and ex-boyfriends parents we were all on LSD! I couldn't hide no more I felt really scared I wanted to die the acid had never hit me so hard in my life I just kept on hearing the voices in my head that said no words. with every breath I took I could feel it getting shorter and shorter. I had wanted to declare world peace when my mom had got there that night. So the room was changing back to where it was something from the eighteen hundreds then it was nothing I seen this big world around me and the first creature placed on earth with two legs a cave man and It was scary I wanted to kill my self so bad but something would not let me think it was the fact my mom was in the house with me knowing I was tripping the hardest I have ever tripped before. There was nothing in the little room to kill my self with Parts of my mind started to go out through my eyes. It was like I was being worped back to a cave man or women and that since they don't excist now that I was going to die My heart was barley beating my body felt like that of a skeleton. I didn't know what to do. MY breathing got harder and harder. The voices outside the door was jibberish like caveman's voices like my mind was going back to that of a caveman's when therewas no words. The only vision or movement to me was through my eyes my body lifeless only the life through my eyes. I have no more time to write this so i iwll continue laterr in my part 2 of my most insane trip