Story 14

i wrote this story. my name is jose. i'm from ottawa , canada In September My first ever hit of acid was dropped on a cool September night in 1998. I had been curious for over a year now on what kind of experiences and trips it could produce. I'm not a 'druggie' or a 'stoner'. I fall under none of these cliches and neither do my friends. Perhaps you can blame it on boredom or whatever else there is to blame but trying drugs and curiosity can help you discover who you are. I'm not trying to sound corny just happens. At about 9pm on a Saturday night I get a ca ll from my friend Tim telling me to meet him at a gas station just outside the suburbs of Barrhaven. He decided on this because apparently he had been stopped two times that day by the cops. Just routine checks. I think its because the suburbs have become infested with petty drug dealing and the police want to shoosh nagging yuppie parents. I too live in a suburb. My close friend Chris would be my only companion that night and we'd soon be revelled with a million thoughts puzzling us with really confusing imagery. We dropped at about 9:30 pm and we walked towards the park near where we live. Sounds were minimal and we just wanted to feel 'something'. Chris and I are pretty strong headed bright young minds. We take care of each other ..especially in situations like these. We got tired of swinging around and decided to take the bus downtown. Chris sat in front of me since the bus was empty. The first thing I said to him was , " We better not see anyone we know!". The bus waited for two minutes and then more people got on. Fuck. I see two faces I already recognize. Probably from Highschool. Chris turns around with a big smile on his face and I start laughing. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get downtown with all the stops the bus makes. By the time we get downtown my mind is on the brink. Not on the brink of insanity. Not yet. I didin't even have to ask Chris if he was feeling any 'symptoms' yet. I could tell by his face he was getting a great body buzz just as I was. We head into the Rideau Center which is the main shopping center there is downtown. The lights and the reflections off the mirrors have never seemed so brighter before. The mall had never felt like a maze before either. We keep walking through to reach the other end of the mall so we could get outside to the market. The Market is were the bar scene and coffee shops are located. We walk over into the Mc donalds and the lame music in the background seems to be drifting in and out of tune. This particular location had a green 'theme' I guess. Everything was green. Chris was hungry and bought some fries. Then we walked outside and this body buzz was getting stronger but I still managed to fight off any external signs that I was on 'something'. Then I got hungry....we headed over to the Burger King and I bought some fries. As I stood at the cash I noticed that everything was getting really intense and slow motion. I paid for the fries and then we got moving. Since we both had food in our hands we decided to sit somewhere and eat. I thought of one of the many Mom's and POp's pizza joints off rideau street and luckily they had patio furniture laid out. The night was cool but with no wind to give you chills. No wind to hit your fac. Not yet. The big neon sign hanging on the window reminded me of the lights at a Radiohead concert. I mentionned this to Chris and he just shrugged it off. The bastard was experiencing visuals! You could tell by his face. His pupils were dilated and his afce was doing weird things. Or was it me? shit!. "Chris are you seeing things yet?" " No, but i'm very fucked up!" He said this with a smile of course. No panic. Not yet. We started laughing at silly things. Suddenly every little noise out there was making a difference. We just sat there like two tourists checking out the scenery. (play the tourist by radiohead now :P~) Just out of nowhere two familiar faces are dangling above us. It happened to be the two most annoying people that I came to know in Highschool. Its funny they were actually together..probably trying to fill the void in their empty lives. Atleast that's what I like to think. Sometimes. They stood there chatting and tryingreally hard to strike up a conversation. You'd think they'd get the point by us not asking them to sit down. I mean these were people we haven't seen in a year after graduating. This next part struck a chord in both Chris and I. One of them starts talking about running into this gurl we know who lives in BArrhaven. Supposedly she had told him that the highlight of her summer was running into us at night as we were trying to find our friend's house. Bringing that up was insinuating that we were on drugs that night wandering around aimlessly. We weren't even on anything. Not yet atleast. he kept talking I started to see tracers and cars passing by zoomed by me leaving nothing but hazzy lights behind. Finally they left. It seemed an eternity. Chris checks his watch and the conversation had only been five minutes. Yeah...this is when we noticed our concept of time is completely haywire. We decide to get up and walk around. We notice ravers across the street waiting for shuttle buses and then we get the urge to go to Atomic. A rave/bar club that's highly recommended if you're ever in Ottawa. Its nice. Its peaceful. We both had left money and cigarrettes at home. all we had was change and house keys. We kept walking...and then we decided to sit again. We couldn't help but stop and gaze at all the action going on. (play comfortably numb by pink floyd now!) Too much was going on. Time slowly reached its next peak and we just couldn't help but sit and watch people walk by. We finally got up and decided to walk back to the mall. The atmosphere was getting crazed. We reach a stop light and happen to stop on the corner where all the street kids hang out and where the preachers and evangilists want Jesus to save you as well. I spot on the corner of my frame of vision...a black man wearing a mexican sombrero , black and white suit with a silver radio hanging from his neck. I couldn't quite make out what the radio was playing but i'm sure it was someone preaching or reading excerpts from the bible. When i looked at the radio seemed like the sound waves were making silver spirals and sucking everyone in.( play blackhole sun by soundgarden now!) The man was in his 40's and he just had a big fucking grin on his face. It made me giggle but it was then when i started to get worried. I had no idea if that man was real or not. his appearance seemed so fake. I looked at chris and he noticed him too and we both giggled. we entered the mall and the distance of location and objects were completely distorted. Everything was distorted. We started to walk to the other end to get the bus home. I turned around to notice a man behind us and i kept turning around. Chris and I became paranoid and were positive he was after us.(play Karma Police by radiohead now!) We take an unexpected turn and so does he. We start running and the escalators were getting further and further away. We get to the second floor and finally reach the bus stop. I turn around and there's that man again. Fuck! go away you nutbar! We panic some more and just as the bus arrives we stall and let him get on first. The doors close and he goes away. Phew! we decide to stay dowtown so we walk along the bridge and find the stairs which leads us near The Westin. A fancy hotel. we sit across the street and gaze up at the rooms. For some reason there was a party going on in every room. Shadows of people against their windows. I looked over at chris and we both were in awe...just gazing ...capturing the excitement and frenzy of downtown Ottawa. We decide to keep moving and the cars are barely visible now when they speed by. We make the same route as we did but without stopping...seeing that man in his mexican attire again. Just to assure ourselves that our minds aren't fooling us. We make it back to the bus stop and get on the bus for home. I started to panic as I looked outside the window and I saw us going by the same street repeatedly. Chris just assured me that if we stay on the bus we'll get home. ours was the final stop. JUST stay on the bus! I tried to calm myself down and just as we knew it we were back in the suburbs. We started walking along a bicycle path heading towards our homes. We notice someone walking behind us...still experiencing that paranoia. We sit down on a bench and let them walk by. We finally keep walking. It was now 11:30 or so. We still had about 4 or 5 hours left i think. Something to that effect. We walked until we reached the park where the skaters hang out. We wanted to sit and chill but we didin't want to be around other people. We kept walking thinking we were okay to go home now but as soon as any noise was heard we fell back into that space in time. We walked back towards the park and luckily the skaters had vanished. we sat there for a while and then the wind picked up. Every moment seemed like it was cut and pasted. We saw some other kids from a distance. they were headed towards us but then they vanished into thin air. Chris kept looking at his watch and we began having our famous philosophical discussions. Yes, they are famous. They will be. Some people are educated with great knowledge. Its your own duty to filter out any nonsense that you can spot in it. Yes and just like this...just out of nowhere those fucking kids apear! They are obviiously drunk or stoned. They introduce themselves one by one. I just remember the gurl Allie. You see there's a person who writes poetry on a wall of a tennis court near our house and they sign each poem, Allie. This was her. They asked what we were on and slowly checked down a list......pot? no. shrooms? no. "oh shit....ugh...acid? who'd you get it from?" (flashback to Tim: "don't tell anyone where you got it from") " Ummm i got it from this guy...." ENd of conversation. They wander off like they had appeared. Right out of the dark. I guess they didin't want to ruin our trip so they walked away but not without flashing their asses and shouting..." hey acidheads" just as they slapped their butts. We laugh uncontrollably and then realize that whole conversation had lasted two minutes. Time was definitely playing with our minds. we sat there for a while and then a police car parks itself on the street right across from us. He/she sat there for a really long time. We were just sitting there. We weren't even smoking so they could not suspect anything of us. It just bothered us to have him sit there. they just want us to react in an odd manner so they can approach us but we just sat there staring right back. I think there's a law prohibiting people from bugging cops so then we looked away and just sat back and glared at the sky. When the car finally moved .theyturned into the bike path and drove through what i thought was too narrow for a car to drive along. They vanished and we sat there confused and tried to make something out of it. We later realized that it did zig zags around the telephone poles and made a turn before the dead end. *for a car that is* Since the police car had gone off to apprehend Allie and her friends we took the opportunity to leave the park. We crossed the street and just as a car passes by the stoplights and crossing lights became plastic as if they were made for a toy set. I noticed this stop sign along the bike path. It wasn't meant for the cars. I looked at it and got really confused. I had never seen that stop sign before. I asked Chris if he was seeing the sign and he laughed to mimself because his visions were being distorted as well. He stood beside the sign and kicked it..." I kicked it!..I touched it...its real!" I was convinced. Apparently the sign had been kicked many times before because it was tilting to the right. we walked towards Chris' house and agreed to get some of my cd's and then go to his house for some fine trippin'! This idea was a result from us spotting a rabbit hopping along us. It just automatically triggered the line....."run rabbit run...dig that hole forget the sun!". (play breathe by pink floyd now!) we finally reached my house and chris sat across the street on top of those green power boxes. I entered my house and grabbed my cds. i noticed my my mom sleeping and glanced at the clock. it was nearing 2am. i walked outside and this scene will always be inbedded in my mind. I looked over at Chris sitting there and the wind was making this paper flap and it kept hitting the wall of a newly built house. everything was fake and plastic. everything. the houses. no one was around and for that moment it seemed like it was just Chris and I wandering around in a fake plastic model of a town.(play fake plastic trees by radiohead now!) Everyone was asleep on a saturday night. Just like I had mentionned before..the wind made each moment seem like it was cut and pasted to realign each moment together. Very trippy. I laughed and Chris hopped off the box and we headed over to his house. The story really ends here but not really. We put on Pink floyd's 'Dark side of the moon'. For those of you who don't know starts off with a heart beat but not right away. It slowly gains volume but for some reason the heartbeat wouldn't start...and Chris said the cd was playing....the volume was on... then it started....This cd has a spacey feel to it. Very atmospheric and very relaxing. we then put on wish you were here by pink floyd. The album starts off with shine on you crazy diamond and then ends with the last parts(different ones) of shine on you crazy diamond. It throws you off making it feel like one whole song. its a great peice of music. the lyrics are crazy as well since that album was written about syd barrett, the founder of pink floyd who went crazy after taking too much lsd. I just recall the music making thewalls shift from to side and the images on the posters in chris' room moving around taking different forms. When I closed my eyes i could see the sound waves vibrate from my eye lids. Chris' just said....." i'm making videos inmy head". this is basically our experience with acid. it was fun but it was too much fun. I have grown up since then. I do remember this though......" Funny how its this tiny little square that is going to fuck us up." was it too long? sorry