Story 140

It waz my first time ever dropping tabs. I had always said that i wasnt going to do acid but what the fuck. I mean, ive done shrooms plenty of times (and now acid plenty of times) but what the fuck do that shit. Anyway, Its my freshman year in college. A really fuckig hard college that I never should have been accepted to and will probably fail out of. Anyway, It was a Thursday night and I had just got back from the House (My Fraternity) . I was pretty drunk. My friend had just got a ten strip sent to him from a friend back in Cali. (I go to school in NY) Anyway, I thought it was kinda sketch but he assured me it waz legit. We had recently recieved a phat bag of hydro and a nice bubbler from the guy (for funds of course) so i thought it waz cool. Now, mind you its 2 in the morning already, maybe 3. Anyway, First I drop one tab thinkin everything is alright. Earlier i had finished an assinment that was due the next day so i decided to go and hand it in then. Before we left I dropped another tab. (Peer pressure is a motherfucker) We went to my room to get the paper and as soon as i stepped into the room everything lit up and i was in the best mood ever. No crazy tripping yet. Sometimes my body likes to counter drugs pretty heavily so i dont get the desired affect all of the time. Anyway, I got the paper and headed to the place to hand it in. We got there and it was locked. Didnt give a fuck. Walked back to thisa kids room and turned of Darkside and some other Floyd.. HOLY SHIT!!!! I was fucked with hardcore. I have no clue what happened . I was unconscious for most of the time. I remember tiny moments like in Welcome to The Machine and other songs where the song really gets to me. Sometime in there i dropped another tab. Smart idea huh. I was tripping balls! It was myself and three other trippers plus a non tripper in the room that night. Myself and one other dropped 3 and the other 2 dropped 4! We spent a good few hours telling eachother what the other peaoples thoughts were....and we were right every fucking time. One person would start a sentence and the other would keep it going all knowing what the next world was going to be. I have no clue. Then after a while we got tired of that and started getting pissed at eachother and blaming them for stupid shit. I dont remember what i saw at this time. After a while I decided to go get a drink of water. Good idea! I opened the door over an ethernet cable and thought I ripped it. I saw sparks and flames going everywhere like the fourth of July or some shit. I waz nuts. Anyway, The hall looked either like an aisle on a plane or a lihted tunnel. I got to the fountain and as soon as I turned the water on everything around me started melting and dripping down faster and faster like a waterfall. Crazy shoit. I got back to the room and we continued oing round and round. I cant really remember what was said or really what happened. Eventually we went to the dining hall to get some food. Bad idea. I was tripping face! Everything was speeding up and slowing down. I thpought the people working in the place were fucking nuts. They werent...i was! haahah Anyway, I didnt eat shit. My friend got me food and everything. Then we went back to the room and started getting sick sand tired of tripping. I had already been 6 hours and we were going strong as hell. This whole time the dude on the couch is sleeping not knowing what is happening. We think hes our only connection to the outside world and shit. We were fucked up. Eventually he woke up and just thought we were a buch of fucking retards. Which wew were by then. Myself and this dude eventually went to hand in tht paper. We were still tripping face at 10 am. We got to the building and I started getting paranoid about havoing to see my t\professor and shit. I made fy friend check to see if his door was open and shit. I handed that in under the door and jetted. I went back to my room and my friend to his. it was 11 and I was still trippin bvalls. My body was spent. I wass h8n it. Anyway, I went into the bathroom and loked into the mirror at my eyes roloing and bouncing around like some wierd shit. AAAAAAAH. Anyway, I have this phat background on my computer that looks really tripped out (i didnt even think about it until then) Cant remember where i got it though im pissed. Anyway, I laid on my bed and stared at it for probably an hour. I was brain dead. It just kept rolling around. Finally i fell asleep and slept for 30 straight hours. It was great. Wokr iup and started drinking. Awesome.