Story 142

This trip happened around Christmas time, and it would be first frist time trippin' on acid. It was just a regular night, my friend Andrea and I were just going to watch some movies. So when we were just going to start watching the movie "Rush" her mom called and said, they weren't going to come home from the cottage for another 2 days! So right when Andrea repeated this to me while she was still on the phone with her mom, I ripped the acid out of my wallet and we dropped 2 hits each. About an hour later, the stuff kicked in and we were seeing the HUGEST trails ever!!! The walls started moving like "rippling water" and everything started moving! Soon enough we made our way down to her basement, after "exploring" the house for a couple hours. When we got down to the basement, we put on a "Vegas" by Crystal Method (CD, amazing to trip to)...The next stuff, I can still see it was sooo amazing. The song "Trip Like I do" came on, and I remember "controlling the music" and being able to make the walls move to the beat. Then for some reason, I ending up lying under the pool table. Under the pool table there was writing(it was really there, no halucanation) and I saw it in NEON colours, so bright and vivid. I remember seeing it push out of the bottom of the table like it was 3D. After I got bored with that, I was sitting on the couch, looking at the ceiling just above the pool table, then in the music a girl says "I just want you to trip like me, I want you to have fun" and all of a sudden the ceilling starts to raise with this note in the song....I swear it must have gone like 30 feet high. All the while the girl in the song is saying "ooh my god" "ooh my god" (I highly recommend picking up this CD if you like to trip hard) So when the rising note stopped in the song, the ceiling stoped and it just stayed there, and the whole room was breathing as if it was building up for what was to come next. Then, the music stopped for a second and the girl says "why can't you trip like I do?!" and right at that point the walls and ceiling start dripping all this clear "gel" and it is dripping everywhere...Andrea and I are both like "fuck you seeing this!? HOLY SHIT, this is amazing!! FUCK FUCK !!!" .(Well you get the point)I thought it was kind of weird how we were both seeing EXCATLY the same thing at the same was so cool So all this gel is dripping everywhere, and it looks soooo amazing with all the colours coming off the ceiling and stuff....The trip when on crazy like this for awhile, there were so many other small things but that was the main part....Andrea and I are always like "remember the gel?" And we both just smile, while everybody else is like "What the hell are you talking about?!" Anyway I could go on forever, but I wouldn't be able to explain it all in a 800 page novel! But I pick up the CD "Vegas" by Crystal Method and see if you can get the same results! It is breathtaking!!!! :)