Story 143

I would first like to say that i really like your site. It's definitely interesting to get people's trippin' tales known and shared with the rest of us. Anyway, here is my very first tale of LSD and believe me, this is just a hint of things to come. p.s this story might seem far fetched, but trust me, i have nothing to lie about. MY GODLIKE/DEMONIC TRIP My name is Evan and I was 13 at the time, and it was the summer of 1997. My close friend, Brandon had just recently recieved an envelope full of paper hits. We had planned to hang out that night, and didn't contemplate taking the acid beforehand. Which is strange because he had mushrooms a few weeks earlier, and i had passed on those which is strange because acid is far worse for you than mushrooms. I agreed and we dropped the acid around 10:30 at night. Brandon hadn't tripped before either, so we were in for one awestruck evening of incredible proportions considering we were foreigners to the drug. We stocked up on our favorite candies and drinks and started having conversations about the latest events that had occured in our lives. Later on, we finally started feeling the first tinge of the acid in our bodies. I could feel myself slowly slipping away, and then both of us started rambling on about the truth. The reason why humans are here, what exists, what doesn't, etc. Thats when we started to slowly become things we weren't. Alright, not to break this story up, but i haven't fully explained this story to barely anyone because i'm afraid people will think i'm insane. Trust me, me and brandon went experienced something we only were privileged to once. Both of us have tripped many times, and no trip was ever this mind boggling. Suddenly, we both started speaking like we were gods or something. We were talking about everything from death to why we live and what is the full meaning of our lives, in which i was giving the downsides to humanity, like fate, and he was giving his perspectives also.Thats when he concluded that he was a god or god, and i was satan or some demon. He truly believed that something during our trip had interfered with us, and he thought we were forms of god and satan. At this point, we continued our conversations, but it wasn't normal talking. We were both speaking philosphically about why humans do the things they do, and thats when we started to notice little things that convinced us that something almost unreal had happened. Brandon noticed that he was wearing mostly white, and i was wearing black. He said my hair was short and spiky, whereas his was long and down. He was sitting in a chair, and i was sitting on the floor during our trip. He claimed he was above, and i was below similiar to how god and satan are percieved, god, above us, sitting on his throne in heaven, and satan, below our feet and burning in hell. All these things helped us believe that what occured was not a coincidence, but something that was strangely intended. I don't know how this trip relates to our lives now, but i'm definitely not satan and he's definitely not a god. But at the time of our experience we both felt like we could rule the world, and thats what i think meant the most to our friendship because we've been friends ever since. And in the end i don't regret taking this drug at all. I know all the effects of it, but regardless, it expanded both mine and his mind in ways it's never been expanded before.