Story 144

Alright trippers. This is the stories of one of the craziest nights of my life. Last summer me and three of my boiys go to the beach. brought some pills herb,cid and of course got drinks there.The essentials,right. first night there we all candyflipped. it was tight but nothing compared to the next night.since we candyflipped we really didnt get a chance to feel the potency of this acid. 2 nights later my boyV comes down w/ half a sheet of this shit. well,well i thought.we all ate 2 hits. yea, 2 hits. real big shit right. ive eaten alot more than 2 but ive never tripped as hard as this night. so we eat the shit and 20 min later we walk to the boardwalk and i realize im trippin balls. it looked like las vegas. the lights were the most amazing thing. we go back to our house and sit on this marina and look at the light reflecting of the water and just fuck w/ shit. it was great. now the story turns. my boy Vc,who has been acting kinda funny the whole time starts tweakin. he started making the sign of the cross and sayinh hail mary and stuff like that. we try to get him in the house but he cant comprehend anything so he runs off out into the city. my boy E tries to stop him but Vc jump kicks him in the face! big E's dumbass decides to call the cops and told them his friend ate to much this point Vc was running around the streets jumping in front of cars and grabbing girls tits and shit. he didnt know what he was doing. the cops come and surround Vc and Vc retaliates. he went out bruce lee style out that bitch. kicking and punching any cop that touched him. the cops won though, w/ thier fuckin billy clubs and Vc gets taken away and we all go back to the house. now at this point i can feel my brain liquidating inside my skull. i was getting these shooting pains up through my neck and shit. the shit was INTENSE. it was like i was drunk of acid. the floor would just drip off my feet when i walked. so after staying up watching fear and loathing in las vegas(the movie makes perfect sense when your tripping)about 4 times we fell asleep. the next day i see my boy Vc w/ bruises and broken shit. he was fucked up. but theres my story. hope it amuses someone