Story 145

This is a story that takes place in a little town in Botetourt, Virginia. I remember one night really wanting to trip because a few friends and I were talking about past times. When I finally got some paper, it was around 10:00. I couldnít get anyone to do it with me because it was too late and they either had to be up in the morning or something. I was determined to flip my mind and as one poet put it break on through, so I borrowed a sleeping bag from a friend (just in case), bought some weed, and hung out at his house still trying to get someone to do it with me. He was hanging out with some girl and refused. A little later I set out 4 hits and pack a bowl. Since I am a very religious person, I asked God to bless this paper and to walk with me and keep me on track and show me the right direction. Afterwards I took a hit off the bowl without inhaling and blew it on the hits and then put them on my tongue. I started feeling it right away. I remember my friends little brother trying to talk to me and I couldnít because of the tremendous body buzz. I waited for my friend to get back as I sat there with a positive feeling about what lied ahead. When he returned, I had already started tripping. We sat there playing a basketball game on the playstation and no idea what I was doing but I was still highly entertained with it all. Well needless to say he ran out of energy and passed out. Knowing this was going to happen I went outside to go for a walk which was much needed. Immediately I started feeling great looking at everything. The way the trees look like buds and moved in mesmorizing patterns made me feel again what I love about tripping. I walked on the road a bit until I came to the main road. Even though there were no cars I heard what I thought to be the spirits of cars driving by. The road had a memory or something and I could sense it. Well I started walking towards my other friends house which was right up the road. When I got a few hundred feet from the road I came from, I heard someone laughing. I turned automatically thinking it was my friend who I had just been with. But I saw no one there. I heard someone again behind me in the distance but still no one was there. I laughed at how my mind played tricks on me. Then I kept hearing something every few feet run away from me in the woods beside the road. I told myself it was just the animals that are afraid of humans such as squirrels and such. Footsteps were coming from a distance behind me and I turned to look at nothing. They came again but louder and closer. I sensed a feeling of another being. I started believing there were spirits around me. I looked back away from the town I was headed to and saw that everything was red because of the orangish street lights. I looked ahead and saw that everything was blue because of the beautiful sky and moon. I decided that to keep going foward was the best thing to do. I sensed more beings around me and then I felt what seemed to be something walk by and brush up against me. This freaked me the fuck out. I then looked beside me and there was a cemetery on the side of the road. That added to the sense of how ancient the ground was and how much history the land had. The souls of the dead were all around me and I was legitamitly scared as shit. I heard their thoughts and felt their presence and it seemed that they wouldnít leave me alone for the simple fact that I knew that they were there. They were interested in me because they sensed a very low communication path between the living and dead. Like stranded people on an island at the sight of a passing ship. I started to run and was thankful that God was showing me the way and keeping me on track with his beautiful blue moon. Then I realized there really isnít anything to be afraid of. I reached the town and immediately heard voices all around. I could hear the townís memory too. Like a ghost town with invisible people laughing, talking and carrying on in a totally obsolete scenery. I heard a car coming and hid behind the bank of botetourt. I saw cop lights coming and I heard a car pass. I didnít see any car but I then saw lights get brighter like a cop was chasing the invisible car that just passed. And then everything was silent again. I walked to the street to confirm that it was a hallucination. When I came to the rail road tracks before my point of destination, I could sense no vibes. Everything was inorganic and mechanical. All I could hear was the electricity in the power lines instead of the souls of the town. I felt an awkward comfort because I was in a dimension between life. I ended up going to the park down the street after finding out that my friend was asleep. Again the souls of the park were busily playing basketball and swinging on the swing sets. Even though visually I saw nothing. I ended up smoking some weed to sedate my body and bring an end to the night. I went to sleep in my friends yard that I was at earlier. Due to my lack of writing skills I cannot transport even half of the experience I had. But for all of the experienced, you understand that you cant explain it, just try it, and even then you still donít know what to expect.