Story 146

Hey kids...... I tripped once, I think. wait, ya. I think it was over year ago, but I sitll remember it like yesterday. My parents were gone for a weekend, (they had to do something,) and I had couple of people over to my house. We were just chill'n,, and drinking and also watching some movie, and suddenly people starting to pulling out there little drugs. I was really pissed off, because I really didn't like doing drugs. I was more into drinking.(plus I was pretty drunk ) so I asked them if you are going to smoke go out side, few did. then one of my friend pulled out some little bottle. I didn't know what it was, but they asked me if I wanted to trip, so I said fuck you no!. then I left the living room. I think I was using the restroom when I came back, they were all quite and shit. so I said whatever, fuck you! and, I picked up my beer and start drinking it. You know when somone is hiding something from you, and when you asked them what the fuck is going on, they just say nothing and smile? ya,, fuckers are keep doing that shit, so I had it, I went to my room try'n to call my other friends to come over. then suddenly, I had trouble breathing, and when I looked at my monkey(it's a doll) that was sitting on top of my screen. started talking to me. He said "give me some money. please," then my eyes just opened wide. and I starting to think, then I knew they must had dropped some acid in my drink. so I got my shit together. try'n not to look at that monkey, and he fucking yells out my name, and says, Hey where is my money! I was going insane,,,, I reached out my pocket and gave him a 25 cents , then I fucking watched him move, I promise you He fuck'n picked up that quater and he fuck'n ate it. So I ran in to living room, by the time when I got there,,, they just sitt'n ther laugh'n and shit,, so I started to laugh with them,,, I was mad and shit,, but suddendly I was all happy,, and I forgot why I came to living room,,, and one of them gets up and,, started to play'n around with the light switch, he is keep turning it on and off and on and off.... fuck,, it was fuck'n weird,,,and,,, other guy,, brings the candle and lights it and we were just watching that shit,,,, it was so strange,, the lights were just everywhere,,, then few hours passed,, things got slowed down,,,, shit wasn't funny anymore,, but they were still tipp'n,,, so,, I got up,, went back in to my room,, and ther it was,,, the monkey,, told me to go out side,, so I said fine,, and I went out side, and, I heard a voice say'n,, dance,,, I was still feeling it,, but sort of,, not feeling it,, but,, I really heard that voice. so I started to dance, then I saw my friends, just laughing at me, I don't do drugs anymore, but I now reading all these articles makes me want to trip agian.