Story 148

whackfest 101 I like your page. OK, here is one of my funnier trips. I was in the fuckin' army in a real crazy unit. On this particular day I had a hit of kaliedoscope and I couldn't wait to get off duty to fry. Anyway, I was about to get off work in 45 minutes, so I said, what the hell, I will drop it now. I munched on my hit and waited for the games to begin. I was starting to feel giddy when my friend came up to me and said, hey, we have a meeting with all the units immediately after work. I was like, oh shit!, but, I am a big boy, so I will deal with it. Sure enough, we go to this meeting and I am bouncing off the walls! I am acting cool, god only knows what the meeting was about, and I am waiting for visuals and colors to kick in.... Then, another friend of mine says, that we have to go to another meeting! I started to laugh, but, he said he was serious, now I really was like OH SHIT! Sure enough, only my unit had to go to this other meeting. It was a done fuckin' deal, I was in looney tunes land at this point, I am watching shit come out of people's heads, the plants were all growing and blossoming, everyone was dressed in camoflauge and it was just a sea of nonsense! Well, still another friend said we just got a new captain and he wants to inspect all of our gear, I asked when, and he said now. I couldn't stand it any longer and turned to my friend Leotis, yes, that was his real name, and I told him I was fully trippin balls, had been for some time now, and that I couldn't go on with the program. He smiled and said, don't worry, I'll help you get through it. Needless to say I am POGO in camouflage and we are all in formation, and I am doing everything in my power not to bust out laughing. The whole fuckin thing seemed so screwed, but I dealt with it. Then, the mother fuckin captain turns out to be a ball buster and wants to see all the tents and gear- right now for real. We pulled out all these GP tents that are humongous and all of our camping shit. I am ripped out of my skull freakin out on the sheer size of these circus tents. We have our equipment all spread out over a parking lot like a giant military garage sale, I am in awe- zoning in and out, just looking at all this shit on parade wishing scotty would beam me up, then kill me... Some how I survived that day, towards the end I got so pissed off it destroyed my buzz, but it was insane for like four or five hours.... :)