Story 149

i've tripped about 15 times and i want to share one of my favorite mind games to play while you are enjoying your trip. this one really fucks with your head. so here it is, the game is called the "box trick." some of you probably have heard of this one before but if not, then take notes!! requirements: you must have at least 5 people for this to work really good and the person you play the trick on must be trippin really hard. i suggest that you do this if they've taken at lest 3 or 4 hits. also you need to be somewhere completely quiet. if it isn't totally quiet, this wont work. step 1: take on person that's trippin hard and sit them down. all the other people should crowd around him/her. one person (you) tells your "victim" that you are going to put an invisible box over their head. (using your great mime skills just pretend that you're holding a box the size of their head in your hand) place the imaginary box over them and pretend to seal it around their neck. (use your hands and show them where the box is making them feel boxed in) step 2: tell them that there is a little door on the box right in front of their face. open and close the door a few times until they can actually see it! step 3: tell them you're going to shut the door and lock it and when it's locked, they wont be able to hear anything. (then shut it, lock the door with your imaginary key and swallow it) now they think that they cant here anything. step 4: have everyone that's crowding around the person who is boxed in start to pretend that they are yelling to that person and calling their name and yelling "hey! can you hear us?" make sure that nobody laughs or makes sound. wave your hands around while you are screaming for added effect. after a while, the boxed in person feels that they are actually cut off from all sound. do this for a minimum of at least 10 min. (i know that's a long time, but hang in there) if it works right the "victim" will totally flip out! step 5: after you've done this for a while stop everyone from "Fake" shouting and then show the "victim" that you're going to bring back the key. pretend to puke it up and unlock the door. right when you open the door have everyone in the room yell "hey!" as loud as you can and the sound will knock the "victim" straight on his/her ass! that's the game. i know it sounds lame as hell but when you're trippin, there's nothing better!!!!!!!!

--- "i know that without me, god cannot live a moment. if i am destroyed, he must give up the ghost" -angelius selisius