Story 150

Ok, a bunch of friends and I decided we wanted to go up and stay at my mountain house for the weekend which was up in north bumblefuck in the middle of nowhere. The week before I ate acid for the first time and thought it was the most incredible thing I have ever done. I sat there and watched Pink Floyd the wall with a bunch of other friends who had eaten acid allot. I had no problem falling asleep and felt no intensity at all, just a great feeling and solid visuals. Well I decided that since I enjoyed it so much my other friends who were coming up the mountains would love it! I went out that Thursday and bought double blotters that weren’t cut yet, just a long piece of paper that was extremely thick. Well we arrived at the house in the afternoon and I was like the guy who knew (or thought I knew) everything about acid because I ate it once! I cut the tabs up into 6 hits and gave a hit a piece to my friend Oscar and my other friend Stilts. Now me and my other friend who will remain nameless because you never know who is reading this but we will call him Jimmy took 2 a piece, I figured that since I had that good a time on one hit my first time then two would be outta whack! We all ate these at around 7pm. Now this mountain house is in the middle of nowhere, the closest neighbor was about 1/2 a mile down the road. We are all sitting in the basement (which was decorated with the works-black lights, posters, strobe lights, the whole nine yards so we could enjoy ourselves and give us something to look at if we got bored) and everyone feels it kicking in. I look over at my friend Oscar who looks at me and starts twisting his head like there was something running up and down his spine! Now all I thought was, oh shit, this kid is feeling allot of speed and we are only a 1/2-hour into the trip. We sat in the basement talking for another half an hour before we got restless and decided to smoke a few joints outside on the deck. We all get up and head out but Oscar is just sitting there. I tell him lets go, that we are going to smoke some buds but he tells me he would rather sit inside and chill with the black lights so I asked him if he wanted me to put some music on and he said yeah. Well being the acid expert I was I decided to put on some Pink Floyd-YEAH RIGHT! We all walked upstairs and before I left I looked back at Oscar and he seemed okay except he was still twisting his head around like a thousand volts of electricity were surging through his body but I wasn’t exactly thinking straight myself and thought shit I will be right back and kept the basement door open. We all make our way outside and light up our joints. Now at the time this was the greatest acid I think I ever took and everyone was feeling great. At one point I saw a bunch of my friends just spinning around in circles looking up at the sky. Now while all this is going on (which took up about an hour) I found out the next day what was going on in the basement. Oscar was sitting there listening to "Wish you were here", not the song but the entire album and every song on that album is fucked up except wish you were here. He said he was sitting there and he started hearing voices (probably all of us outside) and looked around and forget we told him we went outside. He sat there looking at a poster when all of a sudden he hears a door slam shut which makes him jump (later on I found out it was part of "Welcome to the machine" at the end where the door shuts.) out of his seat. He then saw shadows circling around him ready to gang up on him or something so he runs out of the basement and upstairs. Now when my friends and I went outside it was dusk so we had no lights on in the house and it was still that way cause we were zoning out outside. So Oscar is walking around by himself in my house with no lights on and he couldn’t figure out how to turn them on. He begins looking for his car keys, which thank god he didn’t find. He then goes out the front door, about 10 feet from where we are but we were out back. He walks around for a while near his car trying to find a way inside it but to no avail. He then goes back inside. Meanwhile all of us are out back running around the yard feeling wonderful. We make our way back up the deck and are standing there for no more than 10 seconds when someone says hey there’s Oscar. I turn around and looked in the window (the window was right on the deck) and saw pitch black inside the house but then as clear as day like a huge light shined in the house I saw Oscar and for a split second our eyes meet (I don’t know how because it was pitch black) and then he comes charging at the window! He slams into the window but it doesn’t break and he is pressing his entire body up against the window as my friends and I are trying to figure out what the hell is going on and it seemed like the longest 2 seconds of my life. We all go running inside the house like madmen, flick on all the light switches and run up to Oscar who is trembling and looking at us like we are complete strangers. It took me 5 minutes to get him to realize who we were and settle him down. Everyone else had a look on their face like holy shit I cant believe that just happened and what the fuck just happened?! I sat Oscar down and everyone else went downstairs to watch a movie and try to get back into their worlds. Oscar was still gooning a little and wanted to talk so I sat there and listened to him for about 20 minutes but the crazy thing was while he was talking I was nodding my head and trying to pay attention but everything surrounding him was melting and looking extremely cool. Oscar then got up and said, “I think I'm going to go sleep this off.” Well I said hey man; you aren’t going to sleep this off for at least another 6 hours! So we went downstairs and watched TV. Well lo and behold my man fell asleep in 10 minutes and we all couldn’t believe it. I was totally speeding because of the whole incident and everyone else looked the same way. TV got boring so we started talking about what happened because it seemed like we all wanted to talk about what we were experiencing when the whole Oscar incident happened. Well it was only me, Jimmy and Stilts left awake and Stilts seemed pretty gooned about the entire thing but he just sat there and smoked with us. Well I guess the pot got to him cause 10 minutes later he is rocking back and forth and his eyes are buggin, eventually (NO LIE) water started bursting out of his fucking eyes, not like tears but like nothing I have ever seen before and Jimmy saw it as well so I knew I wasn’t seeing shit. Eventually we got Stilts to sleep and then Jimmy and I were trying to get ourselves cooled out and we couldn’t believe these bastards fell asleep 4 hours into it while we were still reeling from the whole incident. We both looked at each other and at the same time said we wanted to stop tripping so we came up with a plan. We came up the mountains with about 1 ˝ ounces of regular buds and decide if we smoked enough we would be so high the acid would wear off. Well now every person I have talked to said this wont work and we tried it later on when we ate acid again and it didn’t work but somehow that night it worked. It was around 1:30 am and Jimmy rolled the first joint. We got done with that and he had another one ready to go so basically for the next 2 ˝ hours he rolled joints as we smoked them. 4:20 came around and I was exhausted from the whole night. I looked over at Jimmy and told him I was soooooo high and I couldn’t believe it worked and he said the same. I tried to stand up (because I was sitting in the same seat for about 3 hours now without moving) and fell right down but laughed my ass off. I went over to the light switch and turned it on and looked at Jimmy who was covered with pot! All over his shirt, pants, everything. I think he may have had a quarter just sitting on his shirt and pants and we both started cracking up. We looked at the bag and it was gone, we had blown through almost 2 ounces in 2 hours! I looked around at everyone to make sure they were cool and went upstairs to bed never wanting to see another hit of acid again. The whole moral to this story is to never assume people will be cool on acid. If they want to do it let them do it but don’t tell them you think they would have a good time because to this very day I am extremely guilty about giving that hit to Oscar and cant imagine what could have happened if he either found his car keys or just gone insane and done something he shouldn’t have. BE CAREFUL……………….