Story 151

well, here's the story:

i was at my brother's house (a party) and i took 3 sugar cubes and a couple of caps. a few hours into the trip, i started seing little angels above everyone's head. there were at least 25-30 people with angels over their head. everyone had an angel acept one girl. the only girl without an angel over her head. i didn't think anything of it until her face started to rot. i looked at my hands as they started to melt. i started to get a little worried but the night was still young. through out the whole night the people still had their angels and the one girl still didn't have one. about 4 hours later the one girl with no angel was sent to the hospital after overdosing on heroin. she spent 2 days in a coma in the hospital and got out on the 3rd day. i dont know if what i saw with the angels was a vision or just a coincidence but it was pretty fuckin scary! -justin c