Story 152

Hey, I had my first acid experience not that long ago. It was very strange and fun. It started out at the beginning of the day, i bought two this of blotter off this dude. Then a firend comes up to me and goes "hey man, eat those hits" i was reluctant to at first, but when he stuck out his tongue, i saw that he had a hit stick to his tongue, so i did the first. Then aboout 10 minutes into my first class about 30 minutes after the first hit, i took the other, which i hadn't planned on til a few seconds earlier. The first thing i felt was a tingling sensation all over my body. Pretty soon, the lights looked a lot brighter than normal, and my eyes were all pupil. Then i had to weld, i thought i would do fine, i was wrong and i did shitty. It also happened that day that i had to use a torch for my first time ever, i was tripping pretty hard by this time, i was about an hour into it. I did pretty well, except for when it would pop i would jump up, then i saw my first visual, the metal was dripping off the plate which is normal, only it was purple and red and morphing colors. Then i went into my booth and messed with a plate welding it and watching the colors. Pretty soon i got to talking with a senior who is a very advanced tripper, and i was still going way up. Then we started to walk towards a mirror and the mirror started liquifying and waving. I laughed and went on with my walking. Then after what seemed like 4 hours, the class ended. Then the real trip kicked in hard. I started walking down the hall way and things far away were really wavy. I just kept on going as normal. Then i got to my second class, as i looked around nothing seemed that visually strange, but i had a great body sensation. THen i got the hell scared out of me, the teacher wanted everyone's attention and the girl sitting next to me was talking to me, then my teacher goes "may i see your eyes, Mrs. _____", i thought he was gonna say my name. My teacher was talking about something and i tried to take notes, but it wasn't working out, so i gave up on that. The teacher waved his arms around and the tracers were amazing. Then he popped in a video about something, it was really lame, but it kicked ass at the time. Everything in the video was glowing. Then i looked at my friend, he was glowing orange. Then i looked at my other friend, she was glowing dark purple. By this time i was really confused and i was wondering how hard i was gonna trip, cuz i was still going up. At this time everything was really jumpy in action, slow -fast, slow slow -fast. THen the teacher split us into groups, i was in a group full of these strait edge preppy dids, then they asked me what i knew about this assigment, i replied "i don't have a clue". Then after what seemed like 4 hours, the bell rang, i hopped up and took off. I couldn't stop walking til i bumped into someone. I then went to my third class, i went in and told my friends girlfriend i was tripping really hard. she laughed and informed me of a test that we had that day. Of all the days, but i took the test and actually made one of the highest grades in the class, although it took a ton of effort. Then after the test, i went to lunch, but i wasn't hungry at all. So i sat around on a bench for a while. Pretty soon i was up walking around and looking at all the wierdly moving people. Instead of seeing one big crowd, i saw every little thing that was going on. Then this dude had this spinning disc thing that looked like a whirlpool, i stared at it, pretty soon some wil colors started shooting out of the sides of it and all around the surrounding surface. THen my friend comes up to me and says, "are you on acid" "yeah" i said, he went off and i couldn't make since of it. He was just watching out for me, which i am grateful. Then i told the dude i got it from i ate em, he said he ate two of em too. Then we walked around talking about shit and i was just being amazed at everything. Then i told him i had to find the dude who went off on me for doin acid and figure this out. I found him, he said he didn't want to talk to me right now, my friend i had got the blotter yelled "don't bitcha brothu out!" it sounded hillarious coming from this big freak. But then i went into the corner and sat around looking around at shit and noticing the difference between trip and pot. ONe of my tow best friends was just laughing at me, which i didn't mind at all. Then the dude who went off on me for tripping came back over to me, reached out his hand, and pulled me out of the corner, at the time, he seemed like god. He said if i was gonna be in his band i had to meet some dudes in it. So i did, then i went back to class after what seemed like on hour or so. So then i just sat around watching the tracers etc. til it was time for my finjal class of the day. As expected at the end of the third class my back started feeling wierd. I was starting to come down. Then i went into like a dream state, nothing seemed real. So i was really dazed for the next few hours. The only signifigant thing that happened from that point on was when i went home. I went into my dark roomed and chilled back with no music. THis got depressing, so i left and went for a walk after i saw the blinds on my wall strech and bend and wave. Then for the remainder of the day, i was like a happy meal without a toy, things weren't clicking right in my dead. I finally fell asleep at about 2 in the morning cuz of acid insomnia, then i woke up the next day, and was completely normal. This was a very strange experience i will always remember. Tool is the best trip band.